In 1967, UFO cut off 16 nuclear missiles at US base in Montana

(ORDO NEWS) — March 16, 1967 in a fortified bunker were nuclear missiles E-Flight. On the morning of the same day, service patrols reported that they had seen a UFO. A strange object was seen over one of the rocket launchers, right above the mine.

After some time, the deputy calculation commander, who controlled the condition of the missiles, made a report and it was then that he heard an alarm. Ten missiles took turns displaying the status of “No-Go”. All of them were sharply inoperative.

“It feels like hell broke loose. The problem became even more serious due to the fact that in another launcher, 6 missiles were also immediately turned off. All these events coincided with the fact that there were reports of a UFO flight over the mines, ”describes former military Robert Salas.

“I remember that then in the morning I received a call from a sergeant who was responsible for security at the facility provided to us. He made a report that, along with other guards, he saw an unidentified flying object near the mines in which the rockets stood. It looked like strange “lights.” I did not believe what was said and ordered to continue the observation. After some time, the sergeant called again and said that one of the guards came too close to the UFO and was injured. Immediately after that, the missiles stopped working one by one.”

After that, studies were conducted to determine what could have caused the missile to malfunction. It was possible to establish that the cause was an electromagnetic pulse, which came from an incomprehensible source.

It is worth noting that on the same morning a UFO was spotted by security officers at other ends of the base. The US Air Force as a result confirmed that the missiles took turns shutting down in just a few seconds. But the exact cause of the incident has not been established.


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