Xiaomi phones caught catching users

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Xiaomi phones have been caught tracking users. According to sources, smartphones record information about what users do with the device, and send it to the servers rented by Xiaomi.

About it writes Forbes. It turned out that the standard Xiaomi browser records information about all visits to websites, about search queries and views of posts in the news feed. It is reported that tracking occurs even in private mode.

In addition, Xiaomi devices, as noted, can track which folders a user opens. All this data is supposedly sent to remote servers in Singapore and Russia.

Xiaomi itself denies privacy issues. The company claims that all data is encrypted. Xiaomi confirmed that they collected browser data, but did it without violating the anonymity of users. In incognito mode, according to company representatives, there is no data collection.

“Xiaomi was disappointed at the recent Forbes article. The material has a misunderstanding of our position related to the principles of security and protection of personal data. The security of our users’ data and the safety of using the Internet are among the main priorities for Xiaomi. We are convinced that we strictly observe and comply with all requirements of local laws and regulations. We have already turned to Forbes and given our explanations regarding the unfortunate misunderstanding that arose.”


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