Women’s rights in ancient Egypt

(ORDO NEWS) — Socially, the women of Ancient Egypt were sometimes considered lower than men, but nevertheless they were endowed with amazing rights and freedoms for that time.

For example, they could trade in real estate, serve on juries, write wills, and enter into various legal contracts.

Most Egyptian women were housewives, but those who chose to work outside the home usually received exactly the same salary as men (naturally, for the same amount of work). Unlike the women of Ancient Greece , who actually belonged first to their fathers, and after their husbands, the Egyptians had the right to choose a husband, divorce him, and then, if there was a desire, then remarry.

It is known for certain that some Egyptian couples even entered into marriage contracts. An agreement of this format listed all the property and personal values ‚Äč‚Äčthat a woman brought to the marriage, and a guarantee was given that in the event of a divorce, she would be able to regain her own. In other words, the woman was not completely dependent on the man.


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