Woman walked with scissors in her stomach for three months due to surgeon’s mistake

(ORDO NEWS) — In Georgia, a woman had to suffer for three months from severe pain, which, as it turned out, was caused by scissors left in her abdominal cavity after the operation.

It is noted that the resident underwent surgery at the Mardaleishvili Medical Center. After some time, she began to complain of severe pain.

An X-ray taken three months later showed that the scissors remained in her abdomen. The woman had to be operated on again to correct the medical error.

The clinic apologized to the victim, promising to punish not only the surgeon who operated on her, but also all the medical staff who worked during the first operation.

Earlier, the media wrote about another similar case that occurred in the US state of Connecticut.

There, a man lived for four years with a scalpel in his stomach, which surgeons forgot in his body. After experts found out what caused severe pain, the American sued the hospital.


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