Why UFOs are often observed over the Popocatepetl volcano

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(ORDO NEWS) — Recently, more and more reports have begun to appear that unidentified flying objects (UFOs) are observed over the Mexican volcano Popocatepetl.

This volcano is located 70 kilometers from Mexico City and is one of the most active in the world. However, why is it that UFOs are so often observed over it?

According to some experts, this is due to the fact that the volcano is a special place for the Mexican Indian culture.

For many Indians, this volcano is a sacred place, and they believe that it is under the protection of their gods.

That is why, according to some researchers, UFOs can appear in this place to guard the volcano and protect it from human interference.

Why UFOs are often observed over the Popocatepetl volcano 2

How science explains the appearance of UFOs near the volcano

However, most scientists believe that this is due to purely scientific reasons.

Firstly, Popocatepetl is one of the most active volcanoes in the world, and therefore various atmospheric phenomena can often be observed above it.

For example, strong thermal radiation and gas emissions can cause unusual sights in the sky. In addition, the volcano is located close to Mexico City, where there are many airports and military bases.

This may explain the appearance of UFOs in the area. Finally, many people observing UFOs over a volcano may simply be mistaken for ordinary objects for unidentified flying objects.

Despite the fact that most researchers are skeptical about the idea that UFOs appear over the Popocatepetl volcano due to its sacred status, this question still remains open.

Some scientists believe that more research is needed to understand what is really going on over this volcano.

According to numerous eyewitness reports, UFO sightings over the Popocatepetl volcano occur with a fairly high frequency. In addition, many of these sightings have been filmed and posted online.

Such observations raise many questions among scientists who cannot give an unambiguous answer to what exactly is happening above this volcano.

Why UFOs are often observed over the Popocatepetl volcano 3

One hypothesis is that UFOs may be related to volcano activity. Popocatepetl is considered one of the most active volcanoes in Mexico, and its eruptions can lead to the creation of electrical charges in the atmosphere.

This, in turn, can attract UFOs that are able to respond to electromagnetic fields.

Other researchers argue that UFO sightings over Popocatepetl may be related to its mystical significance.

In Mexican culture, this volcano has a special meaning, and its eruptions are considered an omen of things to come. Some people may think that UFO sightings over a volcano are a sign that warns of changes in the world.

However, most scientists are inclined to believe that UFO sightings over the Popocatepetl volcano have no connection with its mystical significance or eruptions.

Instead, they argue that most of these sightings can be explained as natural phenomena such as meteors, satellites, or simply errors in data interpretation.


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