Why people should sleep naked – good for health

(ORDO NEWS) — There are many people who love pajamas, but there are at least 6 facts showing that sleeping naked is better for your health.

Research on this topic is unanimous that not wearing clothes before bed can be extremely beneficial.

Read 6 facts that prove it’s very good to sleep naked:

1 – People who sleep naked are happier in their relationships

A 2014 poll by the British through Cotton USA, a company that promotes cotton products such as pajamas and bed sheets, found that 57% of those who slept naked reported being happier in their relationships. This statistic was 9 points higher than the percentage related to the satisfaction of those who slept in pajamas.

2 – Research has shown that room temperature affects good cholesterol levels in adults

In warmer environments and conditions, people lose good cholesterol. In a cooler reality, without using pajamas to sleep, people had almost double the amount of good fat in their blood. In addition, insulin sensitivity was also better, which could reduce the risk of diabetes.

3 – Pajamas and bacterial colonies in the vagina of women

An extremely hot sleeping environment and the use of very warm pajamas can stimulate the growth of more bacterial colonies in the vaginal area of ​​women. Therefore, sleeping without clothes is the prevention of infection.

4 – Our ancestors slept naked and were very healthy

According to neurologist Rachel Salas of the Johns Hopkins Center, in the past, people slept naked and had better immune systems.

5 – When clothes come in contact with skin during sleep, cortisol, called stress hormone, is released

Cortisol suppresses the body’s immune response. Sleepers without pajamas have elevated levels of oxytocin, which can have a positive effect on blood pressure and healing.

6 – Body temperature affects sleep.

A 2004 study found that body temperature is important for normal sleep. Therefore, people with insomnia may have a higher body temperature. In these cases, sleeping naked helps to improve the quality of sleep.

Are you convinced of the benefits of sleeping without clothes? How about experimenting and testing if it’s really as good as research shows? One thing is for sure: no harm!


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