Why don’t we dump trash into volcanoes?

(ORDO NEWS) — Why don’t we collect all the garbage and throw it into the boiling mouth of the volcano ? Sounds like a neat way to solve a global problem, right?

If we decided to dump waste into a volcano, we would first have to find an active volcano. Otherwise, this process will not make sense.

Dump tons of garbage and wait hundreds, or even thousands of years, when the volcano will probably wake up and destroy the garbage heap?

“A dormant volcano will not help dispose of garbage, and only the most desperate person will dare to drive a garbage truck to an active one,” said Alanna Simpson, a geologist from Australia.

“If we are talking about solving a global problem, then we will have to bring in thousands of garbage trucks and risk the lives of thousands of people.”

When a volcano erupts, poisonous gases are thrown into the air, rock flies out and lava spreads.

People living nearby are evacuated immediately, so that no one will allow garbage trucks to go to the epicenter of events.

Traveling by air is an even more irrational decision, given that all airports are simply closed due to the growing danger of flights.

“Volcanoes in New Zealand, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Chile create deadly pyroclastic flows and lahars when they erupt,” Simpson added.

“Believe me, it’s better to keep a distance of several tens of kilometers from this.”

Why dont we dump trash into volcanoes 2

If, nevertheless, you start throwing garbage into a dormant volcano and do not think about time, then the usual pollution of the environment will occur.

For example, toxins, along with water flows, will flow down slopes and seep into the ground. Why create a new landfill and multiply the hotbeds of environmental disasters?

Destroying debris in volcanoes is a tempting fantasy, but not feasible.

All we can do with garbage today is to learn how to process it efficiently, and the whole world to switch to environmentally friendly raw materials. This is the only way we can protect the planet from ourselves.


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