Why does Saudi Arabia buy sand if it is in the desert

(ORDO NEWS) — Approximately 90-95 percent of Saudi Arabia is occupied by deserts. But why then does this country constantly buy sand? Is he missing?

Saudi Arabia buys sand from a variety of countries. Among them – Australia, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus. In addition, camels are also imported from Australia, since local camels are used in Saudi Arabia only for transporting people and for organizing any kind of entertainment. Meat is preferred to be made from Australian camels.

Also in this country, the majority rent housing. To solve this problem, the government of Saudi Arabia decided to give citizens who need their own housing land and pay up to 80 percent of construction costs.

Therefore, at the moment, a lot of buildings are being built in Saudi Arabia, and not only residential ones. And the pace of construction is only increasing.

Accordingly, the country needs building materials. Including concrete, which contains sand. And it’s just not enough.

The problem is that sand from the desert is not suitable for construction. It is completely different in structure, and it cannot be used to create concrete in principle.

It is necessary for the production of concrete river, sea sand, as well as sand that is extracted from the ground. By the way, Saudi Arabia has its own sea sand, but it is very much protected and almost never mined.


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