Why are we studying microgravity?

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — We are studying microgravity to find out what happens to people and equipment in space. Microgravity affects the human body in several ways.

For example, muscles and bones become weaker without gravity, and it is they that make us work as hard as they do on Earth.

Astronauts living on the space station spend months in microgravity, while astronauts traveling on Mars spend months in microgravity, traveling to and from the Red Planet. We need to learn as much as possible about the effect of microgravity on the body, so that astronauts are safe and maintain their health.

In addition, many things seem to act differently under microgravity conditions. For example fire, it burns differently on Earth and in space. Without attraction, the flame becomes more round, crystals grow better – without gravity, their shapes become more perfect. We conduct scientific experiments in microgravity.

These experiments help us find out what would be difficult or perhaps even impossible to know on Earth.


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