When will the metaverses appear Spoiler not soon

(ORDO NEWS) — According to experts, it is not worth expecting the appearance of full-fledged metaverses in the near future.

Full-fledged metaverses will appear, but not soon, experts are sure

Despite the metaverse boom that has taken place in recent months, we should not expect full-fledged versions of the metaverse to appear soon. Industry experts are sure that there are neither technical capabilities nor user habits for this yet.

“I don’t think that full-fledged VR universes will form in which people will live in the coming years. There is a certain hierarchy of technologies: screen, voice control, augmented reality and only then full-fledged virtual reality. And before the last, several technological barriers and user habits still need to be broken.

Interaction in the VR environment requires large and expensive devices, the widespread development of new generation communication networks (5G), a radical change in people’s well-established habits for a reason, because the user experience in VR is still far from intuitive – in contrast to the usual interaction through smartphones and more new experience with voice assistants,” says VKontakte CEO Marina Krasnova.

“The Metaverse is a term similar to the Internet. No company can own it. In the coming decades, the metaverse could become a multi-trillion dollar part of the global economy.

The next three years will be critical for all metaverse-minded companies like Epic, Roblox, Microsoft, Facebook. It’s sort of a race for a billion users, and whoever gets a billion users first will be the presumed leader in setting the standard . ”


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