What will happen if you drink little water – a new study

(ORDO NEWS) — Water balance is extremely important for the normal functioning of all organs. Doctors and scientists have been talking about this for a long time.

Clean drinking water even slows down the aging process, although it is not clear how. What will happen to a person if he does not drink enough H2O?

Scientists have long studied the processes of aging, which accelerates them and vice versa.

In a new study, experts tried to find out how dehydration affects the rate of aging. And in general, what role does water play in rejuvenation.

Previously, scientists assumed that dehydration accelerates the aging of the body, but no research was conducted on this topic. And so, it’s time to find out how these processes are related to each other.

To find out this relationship, a large-scale experiment was conducted. People aged 45-66 were involved in it.

The first thing to do was to choose methods for determining hydration. For this, the subjects were tested for sodium content in blood serum.

Sodium is an electrolyte that participates in the process of water balance in the human body. The normal indicator for an adult is 135-145 millimoles per 1 liter.

The lower it is, the better. Here it is important to understand that the mark of 145 millimoles is the upper limit of the norm, if the indicator is higher, it indicates that the water is catastrophically insufficient.

According to the results of the research, it became known that:

  • If the level of sodium is 142 ml mol, then the risk of developing diseases and aging processes was about 39% higher than in people with an indicator of 135 ml mol and below.
  • If the level of sodium is 144 ml mol per 1 l, then the risk of premature death increased by 21%.

This leads to the conclusion that chronic dehydration can cause premature death and early aging of the body. We are talking not only about wrinkles, but also age-related diseases.


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