Scientists recreated the face of a boy who lived in the Middle Ages

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists from Italy recreated the appearance of a young man from the Middle Ages. The guy lived about 700 years ago and was killed.

He was hacked with a sword, 4 blows were inflicted on the head. Experts performed facial reconstruction using modern technologies.

Archaeologists found the remains of a murder victim back in 2007 on the territory of the San Biagio in Cittiglio church. The tomb was discovered in a part of the church built in the 11th century.

Analysis of the remains showed that they are about 700 years old. There were marks on the skull from blows with a heavy, sharp metal object, most likely a sword.

The first serious studies of the skeleton began to be conducted only in 2008. So the scientists managed to find out several interesting facts. The body of the murdered man belonged to a boy.

He died at the age of 19-24. The entire skeleton was mutilated, most likely he died in agony. Most likely, he was caught off guard and hacked.

Mortality 4 sword blows were inflicted on different parts of the skull: one in the ear region, the second in the back of the head, the third in the front and the fourth in the crown.

The identity of the murdered boy was never established, but an employee of the University of Innsbria, Chiara Tezi, told how the reconstruction of the face was carried out.

It was possible to do this with the help of tomography of the bones of the skull. Judging by the nature of the injuries, the killer acted with particular cruelty.

It is possible that the motive for the crime was resentment or hatred of the young man.

Having made a tomography of the skull, inviting a group of people who specialize in physiology, sculpture, and art, it was possible to restore the appearance of the murdered man.

He turned out to be quite a handsome young man with a neat little nose, plump lips and kind eyes. The picture looks very realistic.

The study of the skeleton showed that the boy took part in battles. This is evidenced by earlier injuries on his bones. The location of the right shoulder blade suggests that he was an archer.

This is not the first work of scientists to reproduce the appearance.

Previously, similar operations were carried out and faces were reconstructed from the skull of a medieval woman with syphilis and a man hacked with an ax.


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