What will happen if the Earth stops rotating

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(ORDO NEWS) — Our planet all the time revolves not only around the Sun, but also around its own axis. But what happens if suddenly there is a complete stop? Experts say that an abrupt stop of the Earth would provoke an impulse, from which its surface would fly apart. This day would be the last for all living things.

It is reported by Live Science.

This experiment is just an assumption, because in nature there is no force capable of stopping the rotation of the planet. This was stated by James Zimbelman. 

The earth moves at a speed of 107,200 km / h. If it stopped, then the impulse would continue to move along its surface at the same speed, which would provoke the destruction of the upper layer and the ejection of its fragments into outer space.

In the future, some of the fragments would still return back to Earth. This would have happened due to the gravitational force of the planet, which would not disappear anywhere. 

Due to the constant falling of debris, the earth’s crust would begin to rapidly melt. The fallen elements would begin to be absorbed by the crust, leading to a process such as accretion.

Experts also noted that a sudden stop of the planet would cause almost all of the water to evaporate. A small amount of moisture could remain only in very hard minerals. For example, in olivine.

It is worth noting that not all of the debris would return back to Earth. Some of them would start crashing into the Moon and leave a huge number of craters of various sizes on its surface.


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