Alaska rescued a man who protected himself from a bear for a week

(ORDO NEWS) — The Coast Guard from their helicopter spotted a man waving at them in Alaska. As it turned out, they were his last hope, because the man had been trying to hide from the grizzly bear for several days. He was very tired and at the same time used up almost all the cartridges.

It is reported by Yahoo !.

Jared Karbajal noted that if they flew a little further, they would hardly have noticed the man. In the end, he could become another victim of a ferocious bear. It happened on July 16 near the town of Nome.

Just a few days before the rescue, the man was attacked by a bear. After that, the wild animal came to the victim every night and “harassed him.” It is worth noting that the Coast Guard spotted the man after examining an SOS sign on the roof of a hut in a mining camp. 

The bear still managed to injure the victim. He had a serious leg injury, so he was immediately sent to the nearest hospital.

Rescuers said that the man had lived in a shack since July 12, but how he ended up in such a remote camp remained a mystery. The Coast Guard also added that they had not seen people so far before, so what happened to them was a complete surprise.


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