What does Io, moon of Jupiter, sound like?

(ORDO NEWS) — Io is a moon of Jupiter and perhaps one of the most mysterious objects in the solar system.

Its diameter is 3642 kilometers, which is the fourth largest among all satellites.

Io is a very dynamic world. There are over 400 active volcanoes on the surface of the satellite!

Such anomalous activity is due to overheating of the interior of Io as a result of tidal forces from Jupiter, Europa and Ganymede.

Some volcanoes are so powerful that during the ejection, sulfur flows rise to a height of more than 300 kilometers.

Io’s very thin atmosphere consists mostly of sulfur dioxide (SO2) with minor amounts of sulfur monoxide (SO), sodium chloride (NaCl), and atomic sulfur and oxygen.

When Jupiter shields Io from sunlight, sulfur dioxide crystallizes and settles on the surface.

After 1.7 Earth days, Jupiter begins to let in solar heat and the sulfur crystals again become gaseous.

In a sense, Io’s atmosphere is regularly destroyed and rebuilt.

When Io is exposed to sunlight, the surface “warms up” to -148 degrees Celsius.

When the light blocks Jupiter, the temperature drops to -180 degrees.


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