What does a money tree look like, what magic it uses to attract money

(ORDO NEWS) — Plants are found in almost every home. They make it more comfortable and decorative. In addition, plants have their own energy, which can affect the human condition. For example, some indoor flowers are believed to attract wealth, love, or well-being. These are the properties that the money tree possesses. But not every representative of the flora can be grown at home. For this reason, many vegetation lovers are interested in the question: can a money tree be kept at home?

Flower history

The homeland of the plant is considered to be the arid regions of Africa, South Arabia and Madagascar.

For more than 1,500 years, the plant has been cultivated, conquering with unpretentiousness, attracting wealth and prosperity.

The merchants of the Middle East called Crassula the money tree, because its leaves resemble silver dinars.

money tree 2

The common name is a jade or jade plant. Jewelry symbolizes wealth and power, gives youth to the owners.

Cultivation in Europe is associated with the introduction of the bastard into horticultural reference books in 1687. Already in the 19th century, the ubiquitous distribution of the flower begins, sprouts are transported from South Africa along with other tropical species.

Thanks to the breeding of many hybrid varieties, more than 200 species of Crassula are known. Among them there are tiny plants, and blooming with bright inflorescences, and striking with a pearlescent shade of leaf plates.

Attention! The fat woman will satisfy the taste of any esthete, she will fit into an apartment with an old or modern interior. The plant will not only become a magnet for wealth, but also give the owner self-confidence, contribute to the development of leadership qualities.

What signs and superstitions are there?

To attract money, you should grow a fat woman yourself or purchase a small sprout. The smaller the process can be rooted, the sooner good luck will visit the owner.

Even if there is no time at all, take a few minutes to communicate with Crassula. You can wipe the leaves with a damp cloth, uttering any words of wealth over the tree.

Signs for good luck:

  1. If watering and feeding is enough for other plants, then caring for a fat woman is slightly different. The plant belongs to succulents, and will tolerate the lack of moisture, but without communication it will dry out and wither. They choose an energetically active day of the week, that is, Wednesday, to tell the tree about upcoming financial plans, ask for support in business;
  2. They do not just wipe the leaves, but also count them during the procedure. There is a saying here that money likes counting;
  3. To attract money, Crassula is planted in a red pot. If the container is ordinary, then they tie it up with a scarlet ribbon or paint it with red lines, symbolizing cash flow;
  4. Do not put the money tree near electrical appliances that impede the free circulation of financial energy;
  5. A dusty plant will not bring well-being, therefore, they try to periodically remove dirt from the leaves;
  6. The flowerpot is placed on the windowsill of a southern or southeastern orientation. Thick leaves are susceptible to burns, so Crassula is shaded from sunlight;
  7. After receiving financial profit, they choose several coins, which are placed in a slide near the flowerpot with a fat woman. Coins are considered a powerful money magnet, they enhance the influence of the plant.

A strong magical effect is the binding of banknotes to the fat woman. It is advisable to pick up red threads or satin ribbons to attach money of different denominations.

Over time, old bills are replaced with new ones to prevent stagnation of monetary energy. For the New Year, it is recommended to decorate the tree with chocolates in golden foil tied with scarlet ribbons.

Why is it blooming

Crassula bloom is a rare phenomenon. You need to try very hard, to show miracles of care in order to see the cherished flowers.

The signs associated with the appearance of flowers on the money tree are the most impressive:

  • During this period, the best moment for enrichment comes. You can safely take on matters that are related to finance – everything will be as successful as possible.
  • During flowering, according to the signs, wishes come true. It is better to guess those that are connected in one way or another with an increase in material prosperity. The likelihood of fulfillment is very high.

Lowered the branches

If a previously healthy pet suddenly lowered the branches, and the leaves began to crumble, you should seriously think about the energy in the house. The fat woman usually cleans the energy in the room, absorbs all the negativity.

If she wilted, then the negative energy in the room is so strong that the flower is no longer able to cope with it. You need to move the tree to another room and try to reduce the number of conflicts and scandals between households.


Fallen leaves are a bad omen, which serves as a sign of imminent material losses, a decrease in income, profits. Some even count the fallen leaves: their number corresponds to the percentage of the fall in family income.

Why does Crassula fall

There are a number of signs regarding the fall of the money tree:

  • The plant did not fall, but tilted the trunk, as if preparing to fall – the omen says to prepare for material difficulties.
  • Fell along with the pot – financial wealth will only increase.
  • Has fallen, and the pot has broken – material prosperity in the family will be envied.
  • Fell and broke in the fall – to financial ruin.

What to do if one branch breaks

A home flower may not break completely: there are often cases when it loses one or two branches. There is nothing terrible in this, and signs on this score do not imply any negative.

In principle, it is useful to prune a money tree from time to time so that a beautiful, even crown is formed. This will help the tree to get rid of the load of unnecessary branches.

Why was the flower named “Money tree”?

Home benefits

The money tree is characterized by the release of phytoncides. It copes with air purification, neutralizes bacteria and unpleasant odors. Its juice is endowed with antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. It works well in the treatment of burns, and also helps with herpes infections and skin irritations.

To get rid of acne, you should use a gruel prepared from the leaves of the bastard. It also helps to reduce itching after an insect bite. In cases with cuts, it has a healing function. However, allergies are possible.

Why you can’t keep a bastard money tree at home

If we talk about esotericism, then by starting to grow a money tree at home, you associate your financial condition with it.

Then, if you don’t follow the flower and it dries up, it could be a harbinger of money problems in your home.

The next moment is related to the energy of krasulla. According to feng shui, it is a female plant with very powerful yin energy. If it is not balanced with a male plant, then the household will develop apathy, bad mood and sadness.

If we talk about scientifically proven contraindications, then the whole point is that the fat woman contains arsenic. It does not enter the environment, but is found in leaves and shoots.

Therefore, if you have small children or pets, you should think about the advisability of growing a money tree.

However, you can place the plant pot out of reach.

Where to put the Money Tree in Feng Shui

To increase the efficiency of the bastard, you should correctly place it in the room. As the teachings of Feng Shui indicate, the southeast side is inherently responsible for material well-being. That is why the plant should be placed in this sector.

It is imperative that there are no trash and orphan items in the area allocated for the Money Tree. Get rid of them. They spoil the energy of the house. If you neglect this rule, the movement of energy flows will be difficult. You can leave money under the plant. It should be decorated with red ribbons. Place a napkin of the same shade under the pot. To enhance the positive effect, you can embroider a special symbol on it that promotes wealth.

The fat woman needs care. It is necessary to provide her with access to light and timely watering. Leaves should be wiped off dust more often. You need to talk with the plant and share your dreams.

Money tree, how to plant it correctly to keep money

So, you’ve decided to start a money tree at home to improve your financial well-being.

In order for money to be found in the house, the fat woman must be properly planted.

First, you need to use a stalk or leaf for planting. You cannot plant a young tree that already has roots.

ON A NOTE. It is allowed to use seeds, but it is very difficult and troublesome to grow krasulla from seeds at home.

First of all, the stalk or leaf must be rooted. To do this, it is placed in a vessel with water. To speed up root formation, you can add a few drops of a root stimulant.

When the leaf or stalk gives roots, you can start planting.

Firstly, it is necessary to hold the event in the waxing moon phase. A perfect day is Wednesday.

  1. Step 1. At the very bottom of the pot, even before the drainage layer, we put 6 or 8 coins of the same denomination. Better to take 10-ruble, as the largest coins. Put them “eagle” up.
  2. Step 2. Laying the drainage.
  3. Step 3. Pour soil about 2/3 of the pot’s volume.
  4. Step 4. Place the seedling.
  5. Step 5. We fill up the earth.
  6. Step 6. We tamp.
  7. Step 7. Watering.

How to transplant a money tree so that there is money in the house

When the bastard grows, it must be transplanted into a new pot so that it can continue to grow.

It is necessary to carry out a flower transplant on the growing moon. The specific day is not important.

First of all, you need to select the appropriate container. The diameter of the pot is selected according to the crown of the money tree.

In order for money to be found in the house, it is advisable to choose a container of gold, red, purple or brown colors.

Next, the plant is carefully removed from the old container, being careful not to damage the roots. They must be shaken off the ground and inspected for damage or decay.

If there are damaged areas, then they are carefully cut off with a sterile instrument. Sections are treated with a solution of potassium permanganate.

Next, a new pot is prepared. If the money tree attracted money to the house, then the coins from the old pot must be transferred to the new one.

If you want to change the energy, then put in new coins. Then everything is the same as for a normal planting: drainage, earth, plant, earth again.

What rituals are there to attract money?

Crassula is used in rituals to attract financial energy:

  1. The most powerful ceremony is carried out on the growing moon; Wednesday night is chosen. They buy in advance an expensive ceramic pot of red or green color, prepare 8 coins of the same denomination, and also steal a spine of a fat woman from friends. On Wednesday night, coins are laid out on the bottom of the pot, but they are turned upside down with the coat of arms, and the prepared soil is poured with a slide. The sprout itself is stroked on the stem, saying: “As you grow rapidly, my wealth will increase. Let everything come true the way I want. ” After planting the sprout, the pot is placed on a southeast facing window. At each watering, the hex is repeated, representing well-being;
  2. Near the tree, seven candles are placed in a circle, they say in a whisper: “Give me money, let me become richer with your growth. Amen!”;
  3. They buy 7 church candles, take 7 coins each kopeck, prepare a glass of clean water and a pot with a fat woman. With the onset of midnight, the room is locked. Candles are placed around the pot and burned. They water the tree 7 times, saying: “I will hide the coins in the ground, but I will steal the wealth from the fat woman. Let the tree bloom sooner and give me the money. Let poverty go away from home, no longer return to my doorstep. Amen!”. With each conspiracy, a coin is buried in the ground of the pot. After the candles burn out, they are thrown into a sheet with a written spell, buried in a vacant lot.

Attention! The fat woman should not be kept in the house near cacti that absorb radiation. It is better to place the flowerpot near an orange tree or indoor chrysanthemums.

General information

The home money tree is called in another way a bastard or crassula. The homeland of this plant is located far in Africa and belongs to the species of tropical flowers. According to ancient beliefs, people grew a money tree so that it would bring financial well-being and prosperity to the house.

In addition, there are other signs associated with this flower:

  • If the leaves of the money tree fall off, then this threatens with sudden and thoughtless spending in a short time or their sudden loss;
  • In order for the flower to grow better and attract money into the house, it is necessary to put three gold coins in the ground. This is what will save the wallet of the residents of the house from unnecessary and useless spending;
  • If the fat woman has lush and green foliage, then this may indicate not only a good financial situation in the apartment, but also about family well-being.

Because of the belief in omens, people often acquire this plant. But not only this is its special and interesting properties. The money tree also has a good medicinal effect, although it contains poison. Special decoctions are prepared from the juice of the plant, which can then be used to cure skin diseases and various rashes. It is only very important not to overdo the dose, otherwise you can get poisoned.

How to grow a big money tree

How to water a money tree at home.

Under natural conditions, there are only a few plant varieties that can reach large sizes. If the owner of home flowers intends to grow a giant Crassula, then it is recommended to heed the following recommendations:

  1. The fat woman needs a certain soil. The best option is a land suitable for cacti. It contains all the components needed for a money tree. As the “pet” grows, it will need to be transplanted. This procedure is carried out every 2-3 years.
  2. The capacity for planting is selected in such a size that it is suitable for a voluminous root system. When choosing a pot, they look at the diameter of the crown; it should match the diameter of the pot.
  3. The pinching procedure will help to get a large tree, otherwise the plant will grow as it is more convenient for it, this makes it unattractive.
  4. Top dressing is added monthly by adding them to the ground. The necessary fertilizers are purchased in specialized stores.
  5. Providing the right lighting. You won’t be able to get a large culture if it doesn’t have enough light. It is worth remembering here that the money tree is from the African continent, therefore it needs a lot of sunlight.
  6. Crassula needs moderate watering. They are carried out as the earth dries up. An excess amount of moisture leads to the fact that the leaf plates acquire softness and pale color. Without correcting the situation, the plant will simply die.
  7. Daily spraying of the flower is recommended, because he is a great connoisseur of moisture.

An important point. Before planting a large fat woman, you need to take care of the presence of heavy drainage at the bottom of the pot. Otherwise, due to the weight of the crown, the tree will simply fall.

How long does a money tree live

Growing conditions directly affect the length of life. If a suitable microclimate is created for the money tree, then it will grow for more than a decade and successfully increase in size. There are representatives of the family and fifty years of age, the question is, will the owner have enough patience for such a long care?


The most popular variety of the fat woman is oval; it includes varieties in large quantities. The leaf plates are 6 cm long and 3 cm wide. The petiole is absent, the plate itself is attached to the stem.

The color of the leaves can be rich green or have a silvery sheen, their edges are decorated with a red border. The flowers of the oval bastard are pink or white. The main advantage of this variety is considered to be undemanding to care.

Tree crassula

In height, the tree can reach 1.5 meters in height. Gray leaf plates, also framed by a red border. The length of the leaves is about 9 cm, the width is 4.

The flowers are white; over time, it acquires a pink tint. It is recommended to place the tree representative on the west or east window.

Fatty Schmidt

The leaves are characterized by a lanceolate shape with pointed tips. The upper part of the leaf is silvery-green, the reverse is red. The flowers of the shrub are also red. This variety is popular in European countries; as an annual plant, it is planted every season.

On a note. Direct sunlight on a flower leads to the fact that redness, wilting and foliage begin to fall. In summer, it is recommended to move the plant to the balcony, with the onset of cold weather, put it on a windowsill facing south.

Puffy crassula

The plant possesses fleshy, narrow leaves with a sharp point similar to scales. The color of the flowers is yellow, but the culture is appreciated for the original branches hanging from the pot as it grows.

In height, the bastard grows up to 25 cm. Some lovers of indoor flowers plant it in the same container with other succulents to get very beautiful compositions. Caring for this species is simple, because the plant is unpretentious. Life expectancy is over 10 years. Reproduction occurs both by leaves and cuttings.

Rocky crassula

It is a representative of creeping plants, reaching a height of 0.5 m. Stems are thin, with small thick leaves decorated with a red border.

The flowers can be pinkish or yellow in color.

Point fat woman

It is a shrub with leaf blades close to the stem. The leaves themselves are ovoid and have a sharpening at the top. They are greenish in color, with a silvery sheen and dark spots. The culture will bloom with white flowers.

Good to know. With the onset of cold weather, the money tree goes into a state of dormancy, for this period it is recommended to put it in a room where the temperature is about + 5 ° C. Watering is carried out every 20 days.

Purslane Crassula

It has bright glossy green elliptical leaves with a thickening in the middle and a thinner part at the edges. As the shoots begin to develop, they get thicker. In height, such a plant can reach 2 meters.

Fat Cooper

The shoots of this plant are especially interesting. The lower part is characterized by vertical growth, and the upper part is inclined downward. The more they (shoots) grow, the more they are pressed against the ground. The leaves of the flower are elongated, with red dots, which gives the culture a very elegant look.

Caring for her is as easy as for the rest of the family.

Money tree care

When purchasing this plant, it is important to keep in mind the special requirements for caring for it. Caring for a money tree at home consists of several elements, which in no case should be forgotten. If you do not provide the fat woman with the required conditions, then there is a risk of plant death.

Conditions for flower care:

  • The temperature in summer should not exceed 28 degrees Celsius, otherwise the plant may quickly turn yellow and lose its appearance;
  • The money tree must have access to a lot of light, but the leaves of the plant must not be allowed to fall directly into the sun. It is best to place the flower on a southern or southeastern window sill, providing enough space;
  • The soil should allow moisture and air to pass through well so that the roots do not melt in the ground. It is advisable to fertilize the tree every two weeks so that it is saturated with useful minerals;
  • The fat woman does not need frequent watering. It is enough to provide the plant with water every three weeks and wait until the soil is completely dry. If the tree is poured, then there is a high risk of root death as a result of decay;
  • The pot must also be prepared before planting the flower. It must have drainage holes for water to exit so that it does not linger in the ground;
  • A tree is transplanted depending on its age: young every year, and older plants every three years. It is better to do this in late spring, when the plant has not yet begun to actively grow;
  • In winter, for the optimal existence of the tree, it is worth maintaining the temperature at least 14 degrees Celsius. It is also recommended to reduce watering so that the tree prepares for wintering.

If all these requirements for caring for the money tree are met, then the plant will be healthy and beautiful for many years.

Diseases of the money tree

Parasites can harm the plant: spoil the condition of its leaves and stems, penetrate the roots and actually kill the flower. To prevent this from happening, it is important to immediately treat the money tree while the first symptoms appear.

The reasons why the plant may die:

  • Large and improperly selected pot without drainage holes;
  • Watering too often, which leads to the concentration of a large amount of moisture in the soil;
  • Bad or incorrectly chosen substrate;
  • Poor-quality irrigation water that flows from the mains and does not settle.

All this can serve as a reason for the mastery of flower pests. The money tree in the house needs very careful maintenance and general condition check on a daily basis. You can understand that something is wrong with the health of the plant by the following signs:

  • The appearance of brown spots or rot on the leaves of the money tree. This indicates the formation of a fungus on the plant or too frequent watering;
  • Falling foliage. This factor suggests the opposite – the flower does not have enough moisture and water, therefore, the frequency of watering should be increased;
  • Black spots. When the foliage begins to become covered with black spots, this means that direct sunlight has a bad effect on the tree and you need to rearrange it to another place;
  • Brown markings. The foliage can also be covered with brown spots. This indicates that the pests are actively eating the plant. The money tree can be saved by processing with special means;
  • Drying of the plant. The flower may begin to wilt and the reason for this is not always improper watering. Sometimes the roots suffocate in the soil from lack of air. In this case, it is worth either placing the plant in a room with a lot of oxygen, or changing the soil.

The most popular types of home plants, benefits and harms

Actions taken in time will save the money tree from diseases and parasites. Therefore, it is important to monitor the general condition of the plants, check the leaves and soil moisture every day.

Varieties of Crassula or money fatty

Most people associate the money tree with a specific type of Crassula, but in fact there are quite a few species. Botanists distinguish three main groups of fat women, which, in turn, are subdivided into varieties. Not everyone is equally popular with flower growers, since the appearance and conditions of detention vary significantly.

  • Oval;
  • Purslane;
  • Minor;
  • Sunset;
  • Tricolor;
  • Arboreal (tall).
Woody stems are characteristic. Typically short, compact and hardy plants, suitable for growing in pots.
  • United;
  • Perforated;
  • Rock.
The most unusual group, whose leaves and flowers form into bizarre pillar-like shapes, resembling figurines.
Groundcover (creeping)
  • Lycra-like;
  • Tetrahedral;
  • Point.
They grow parallel to the ground, expanding in breadth. Despite this, they can be kept at home.

The varieties of this amazing plant are not at all similar to each other and can be used by flower growers for a variety of purposes.

It can be planted either on open ground (before that, having checked whether the land is suitable for the plant in terms of general parameters) or equip a place in a living room. It all depends on the variety and whether reproduction is the purpose of the cultivation.

Caring for a fat tree money tree at home

Fat women are representatives of succulent plants, which means they are resistant to high temperature and humidity. Over the years of evolution, plants have perfectly adapted to them and do not need frequent watering.

Home care is simple – it is enough to learn once and all indoor flowers of this type will never cause problems again.

The only thing that both a beginner and an experienced florist need to follow is the seasons. The point is not only in external conditions, but also in the internal biorhythms of the plant, which a person cannot influence.

For this perennial plant to stand for you for a long time, grow well and be healthy, you need to take into account the seasonal differences in the needs of the fat woman.

ConditionsSummerSpringWinter autumn
Location / lightingIt is recommended to periodically expose the flower to the air, but avoid direct exposure to ultraviolet radiation. It is better to designate a moderately lit windowsill as a standard place.It is better to put on windows on the south side, if possible, you should not take it outside until warming.The plant is dormant, do not touch it again. Place again on the south or east side, if possible.
Temperature+ 20 … + 25 ° C+ 15 … -4 ° C+ 15 … -4 ° C
Watering / humidityTwice a week.Once in two weeks.
FertilizerTop dressing twice a month, regardless of the season.

It is not recommended to place the flower pot near heat sources in any season.

In addition, the owner of the Crassula should pay special attention to the condition of the soil, especially if the fat woman is in a small pot. It is necessary to avoid turning it into a petrified piece of earth mixed with roots – this is very harmful for the plant.

Exactly the same harm will be caused by the “flooding” of the flower – the succulent will not withstand such an amount of moisture and may begin to rot.

If the plant does not die right away, you will have to start treatment for diseases typical of the type. Excess or deficiency of moisture is the main contraindication for crassula care.

Repotting and pruning

In general, gardeners do not recommend transplanting unnecessarily. Succulents do not like frequent human intervention; excessive attention can lead to falling foliage or excessive loosening of the soil.

An exception can be made if the flower has become too large for its current pot or if the bush needs to be propagated. In this case, the fat woman is simply carefully taken out of the pot, the old soil is removed (not completely – you should not shake the plant clean, let alone wash it) and fill it with a new one in another pot.

Drainage is added along with the soil – it will maintain the moisture balance in the pot. The soil itself should be suitable for succulents, as can be found in any gardening store.

Pruning of a jellyfish is usually done for aesthetic purposes. For this, scissors or pruners are suitable if we are talking about a large variety with powerful stems and shoots. It is necessary to carefully cut off all shoots that seem unnecessary, but you should not wield scissors at the very root of the shoot, so as not to damage the growth bud. Otherwise, you can kill the side stalk permanently. Pruning young plants is not recommended.


Crassula reproduces both vegetatively (cuttings) and with the help of seeds. The second method is more difficult, since not everyone will be able to grow it from scratch – this is a rather long process. Reproduction by shoots is very simple, especially if there is an adult specimen – almost any branch from it can serve as the beginning for a new fat woman.

The separated stalk must be placed in water so that the future young plant will take root, the process can be accelerated with charcoal. As soon as the roots appear, Crassula can be transplanted into its first, while a small pot. Some growers plant the cutting directly into the ground, but there is a small risk of spoiling the young plant. The method with water takes more time, but it is completely safe.

New bastards are kept in pots under the conditions of an adult plant, except that they need a slightly higher temperature – + 18 … + 16 ° C. Watering the first time is necessary daily.

Growing problems

Although the fat woman is an extremely unpretentious plant, problems can also arise with its cultivation. Usually this is a consequence of improper care of the flower and violation of the norms for its maintenance.

If crassula is provided with the minimum conditions for its growth, most of the problems and diseases can be avoided.

Common problems:

  • Delayed flowering / lack of flowering. Many do not even suspect that Crassulas are blooming – this is because the light regime is disturbed. The plant does not particularly suffer from a lack of light, but in this case it will not bloom either. To see it during the flowering period, you need to add lighting.
  • Drying out of the roots. This comes from a long stay in a pot with petrified soil – the soil squeezes the roots, interfering with the flower.
  • Falling leaves, their lethargy and yellowing. These flowers have fleshy and heavy leaves that at first glance adhere firmly to the stem, but easily deteriorate and fall off under prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Diseases and pests

Many inexperienced growers think that at home no parasites are harmful to flowers, but this is not so. Some are not even visible – they are engaged in damage to the roots and are in the soil, as a result of which a person notices them late.

PestSigns of appearanceHow to fight
Scabbards (type of scale insects)Brown, yellow, reddish spots on the leaf surface.Treatment of leaves and shoots with soapy water (using a spray bottle) or medicines Fitoverm or Fufanon, which can be purchased in specialized stores.
Spider miteThe pest betrays itself with a small amount of cobweb between the leaves and at the intersection of the stems.
MealybugThe pests are visible on the plant, moreover, when they eat the juices of the flower, they leave a characteristic white bloom on the stems and leaves.A solution of laundry soap will help, it is also recommended to use rubbing alcohol from available tools, but this method has opponents, as it can be poisonous for a sensitive plant. If the worms have multiplied too much, the plant can only be saved with insecticides.

Fat woman: location

It is important to remember that Crassula loves warmth and light, but direct sunlight can harm the plant and cause burns. The east and west windows are considered the best location.

Fat woman: temperature

The optimum temperature is + 20-25 ° С, in winter, when there is little light, it is better to keep Crassula at a temperature within 14 ° С.

The fat woman does not like a sharp change in temperature.

How to water a money tree

At home, proper watering of the plant provides 80% of success. Excessive moisture can lead to rotting of the root system and leaf fall. The fat woman is watered as the earthen coma dries.

Watering is carried out with well-settled water, watered with rain or melt water at room temperature.

The water formed in the pan after watering the crassula must be removed. In the summer, in the heat, you can pamper the money tree with a shower, also, once a month, the plant should arrange a shower to cleanse the leaves of the flower from dust so that the bastard flower can photosynthesize normally. Standing water is best suited for care; it does not leave white streaks on the leaves.

It is best to spray young plants, their leaves, mouths are tender and respond gratefully to spraying. There is no point in spraying adult plants, since water does not penetrate well into the leaf plate through the thick skin.

Fat woman: feeding

Crassula at home requires feeding. You can fertilize a flower with any universal fertilizer for succulents, for example, Agricola, Good Power, Bona Forte, Pocon. The main thing is that the fertilizer has an easily soluble form and includes the necessary nutrients.

The nitrogen content should be kept to a minimum. Since nitrogen speeds up the growth of leaves and trunk. Due to similar stimulation, the surface of the leaves cannot always withstand the abundant growth of the green mass from the inside, and the leaf can burst. A similar situation occurs with excessive watering.

Fertilizers are applied every two weeks, and with the onset of a dormant period, feeding is stopped. Slow-release granular fertilizer is applied once a year when replanting.

They do not use fresh organic fertilizing for succulents: manure, bird droppings, etc.

You should not fertilize the jellyfish often, this can cause burning of the root system.

How to transplant a money tree into another pot

The fat woman should be transplanted once a year. An adult plant is transplanted every 3-4 years. When transplanting, the pot should be 2 cm larger than the previous one in diameter.

For crassula, a universal soil is suitable, which add about 30% perlint and 20% coarse river sand.

When performing a transplant or transshipment, you need to inspect the root system, represented by numerous white threads. There should be no dark brown, rotten and lifeless filaments. When transferring, the plant is inserted into a new pot, and the voids are covered with earth.

When a rotten root system is found, the rotten areas are removed, the cut sites are treated with charcoal, and the plant itself is left for several days in the shade on a sheet of paper. Before planting again, the roots are pretreated with a fungicide (foundation) and after that they are planted in new soil. The plant is placed in the shade and is not watered for a week. With further maintenance, they adhere to moderate watering.

Crassula: soil

Before transplanting the fat woman, you need to prepare the soil mixture. Cuttings with roots will develop well in soil mixtures of various compositions. The most common option is purchased soil for succulents and cacti. It prevents water from stagnating near the roots of the plant.

You can also take a universal earthen mixture and add a baking powder to it. Popular types of baking powder: coarse washed sand, perlite and vermiculite. To obtain a mixture, purchased soil and baking powder are taken in a 4: 1 ratio.

Soil for a fat woman can be made up of the following ingredients:

  • Sod land – 1 part;
  • Leafy land – 2 parts;
  • Baking powder – 1 part.

When does the Money Tree bloom?

The money tree begins to bloom from the second year of life.

Flowering occurs between spring and summer, the flowers are pink or white and are star-shaped.

In very favorable conditions, it can bloom all year round.

Unfortunately, it rarely blooms indoors.

How does the money tree bloom?

Money tree propagation methods

The money tree propagates at home in two ways.


Reproduction takes place using leaves and stems, which are cut off with a sharp knife. The clothespins are left to dry for a couple of days, and then they are planted in a container with existing drainage and soil.

Seed propagation of the money tree

The seeds are sown in a shallow container. Sand is added to the ground before sowing. The container is covered with foil or glass. The soil is sprayed daily. When a sprout with 2-3 leaves appears, it is transplanted into a separate pot.

Benefits of the money tree

From filtering the air and increasing oxygen flow to reducing anxiety and stress, from wellbeing showering to improving sleep disturbances, they do just about anything. Money trees are actually of immense benefit. Let’s take a look at all the main benefits of keeping money trees at home:

Purifies the air

The Money Tree plant is said to be most beneficial when grown inside the home rather than outside. The money plant can be planted in a pot, in a small pot, in a glass jar, or even in a hanging vase. Money trees are ideal for removing airborne pollutants from indoor air such as benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and xylene. Thus, they work as a natural air purifier that helps to improve your health, giving you the blessings of fresh air and wellness. It is useful to furnish your homes, cafes, and office spaces with a variety of money plants, as the benefits of money trees are almost endless.

Absorbs radiation

You will be glad to know that the money tree is succulent and absorbs radiation in your homes and offices from computers, laptops and mobile phones. These plants help relieve stress at work and help protect your eyes when you have to constantly stare at computer screens to work. This leads to a happier and more productive environment, as the incidence of sickness in employees is significantly reduced.

Improves the family atmosphere

According to Vastu and Feng Shui, money plants should be stored indoors in a southeast direction from the living room or hallway. They say that the owner of the southeast direction is Lord Ganesha, and the planet that rules is Venus. In this way, it helps maintain a peaceful and healthy environment at home, thereby relieving stress and problems in marriage and providing a positive environment. It also helps to get rid of the bad luck of the owners of the house, thereby granting you good luck and wealth.

Helps Maintain Health

Feng Shui experts recommend keeping one plant next to a WiFi router so that children do not get sick at home and the elderly do not have heart attacks. One of the biggest benefits of the money tree is that it can calm your mind and relieve stress. It can also reduce anxiety and sleep disturbances, and it brings a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, place the money tree in your bedroom or living room to avoid any mental illness.

Brings prosperity and wealth

As the name suggests, money trees are known for bringing wealth and abundance into the home. The money tree has always been considered the embodiment of good luck. It is said that keeping a plant in your home can help you reach great heights in both your personal and professional life. The money tree is also believed to bring long-term friendships thanks to its heart-shaped leaves. But never place the plant in a northeast direction, as it is not considered a good storage location, which can lead to financial losses as well as damage your relationship.

Healing properties of the money tree

Many herbalists highly value the medicinal properties of the bastard. The money tree can have a positive impact on the emotional and physical health of a person. The plant has antiviral, healing, antiseptic properties. It also relieves itching, relieves pain, softens the skin. Crassula is part of various traditional medicine recipes.

For skin and hair

The money tree is successfully used in cosmetology. Due to its amazing healing properties, the plant is in demand in the beauty industry. The fat woman is a raw material for the manufacture of hair, hand and face skin care products.

Crassula face masks have a rejuvenating, cleansing, soothing effect. A universal remedy can get rid of acne, saturate the dermis with useful substances. To do this, you need to cut off a few leaves, cut them lengthwise, wait for the juice to release. The place of the break must be lubricated with the foci of inflammation.

The fat woman has an amazing effect on hair. They begin to grow faster, strengthen, become firm and elastic. The mouthwash is made from juicy green leaves. A small amount of raw materials (5-10 pieces) must be washed, folded into a glass container and filled with 1 liter of boiling water. The infusion is left in a dark place until it cools. Then it is filtered and used to rinse the hair.

For joints and blood vessels

The juice of all succulents has anti-inflammatory properties. It is often used in the complex treatment of joint diseases. It quickly relieves the symptoms of arthritis, sprains, rheumatism. To make a miraculous lotion, you need to pluck the leaves of the money tree, chop them. Put this gruel on cheesecloth, cover the affected area. The compress must be fixed with a bandage or soft cloth, and left for 2 hours.

The fat woman is used to treat a wide range of diseases. One of them is varicose veins. An alcoholic tincture is prepared from the plant, which relieves puffiness, relieves pain. A medicine is prepared from crassula sheets. Pour them with alcohol and insist 1 month in a dark place. With this tool, hands are moistened and foot massage is performed with benefit.

With varicose veins

This disease is accompanied by heaviness in the legs, swelling, pain. For varicose veins, traditional healers recommend dressings with an alcoholic solution of the fat woman. The plant helps to eliminate swelling, relieve pain, and reduce nodes. The course of treatment is a month, after three – repeat. It is necessary to lubricate sore spots before absorbing the composition. 3 courses are required per year. To prepare the medicine:

  • take a dark glass container with a lid;
  • chop 20 leaves of a home tree;
  • pour a glass of vodka;
  • put in a dark place for a month;
  • filter the finished solution.

With angina

A sore throat has a variety of causes. A home plant that has antiviral, antiseptic, antifungal properties helps to alleviate the condition with angina provoked by any pathogens as an addition to the main therapy. For the treatment of a sore throat, the bastard is used in the form of a rinse solution. To prepare it, you must:

  • take 10 leaves of the plant;
  • squeeze out the juice;
  • filter out;
  • add a glass of boiled water;
  • gargle until the symptoms of sore throat are eliminated.

With arthritis

When sore joints swell, make it difficult to move, in addition to complex therapy, a fat woman is used. Its anti-inflammatory, analgesic properties help to improve the patient’s condition in a few weeks. To relieve pain, get rid of swelling, you must use freshly squeezed juice from the leaves of a coin tree. Desirable:

  • rub the solution into the diseased joints at night;
  • prepare juice before use;
  • the amount depends on the size of the affected area.

To relieve itching

It is unpleasant when an insect bites – there is pain, swelling, severe itching. It is worse when such symptoms accompany dermatitis – the disease can last for a long time. In this situation, a fat woman helps to alleviate a person’s condition. With dermal manifestations, it quickly copes with discomfort, improves the quality of life. To treat bites, eliminate itching, you need:

chop a few leaves of the fat woman;

  • squeeze out the juice;
  • filter out;
  • soak a napkin with juice;
  • apply for 2 hours to a sore spot.

For mucous membranes

Money tree drops quickly relieve a cold. Prepare the solution at a time. It is necessary to squeeze out the juice of one leaf, mix it with water 1: 1 and drip into two nostrils. For a persistent runny nose, you can prepare a rinse medication. We squeeze out the juice from 10 leaves, filter through cheesecloth, mix with water and use for rinsing.

Crassula rinse solution will be an excellent helper in the treatment of angina. You can use the plant for stomach ulcers, to restore damaged tissues. To relieve inflammation, reduce pain, it is enough to eat 2 leaves of a fatty woman in the morning one hour before a meal.

Money tree helps get rid of hemorrhoids

This disease is familiar to many modern people, especially those who lead a sedentary lifestyle or do office work. At the same time, most patients know about their ailment, but do not take any measures, do not go to doctors, feeling awkward, and resort to traditional medicine methods only when an exacerbation occurs and it is necessary to alleviate the condition.

A fat woman can help get rid of hemorrhoids, for which you need to prepare a simple but very effective remedy:

  • To do this, you need to take the previously prepared juice of the plant and mix it in equal amounts with petroleum jelly;
  • Mix the mass thoroughly until completely homogeneous;
  • The finished ointment should be applied to a cotton or gauze swab and applied for half an hour to the problem area;
  • Repeat the procedure 3 times a day.

Such a remedy is effective at any stage of hemorrhoids, including when the bumps are damaged and bleeding begins. With internal hemorrhoids or a serious stage of the disease, tampons with ointment can be inserted into the anus.

The money tree is used for a cold

With the appearance of any diseases accompanied by a runny nose of varying intensity, you can prepare a simple and effective remedy from the leaves of a jellyfish for a runny nose:

  • To do this, take a fresh large leaf of Crassula, grind it and squeeze out the juice;
  • Then dilute it with cooled boiled water in a 1: 2 ratio.

The result is a very effective nasal solution.

This remedy helps not only to alleviate the condition with a runny nose and restore the ability of normal breathing, but also, thanks to the medicinal properties of the plant, slow down the development of pathogenic microflora, accelerating recovery.

You can also prepare a solution for rinsing the nose on the basis of a fat woman. To do this, you need to grind 10 leaves, squeeze the juice out of them and add to it boiled cooled water in a volume of 150 ml. The procedure should be carried out 3 times a day.

Acne treatment with Crassula juice

Since the leaves of the plant have pronounced antiseptic and anti-inflammatory medicinal properties, products based on them can be used to treat acne and other cosmetic problems.

Small pimples that have recently appeared on the surface of the skin can be lubricated with junk juice or a fresh leaf cut in half. If the pimples are large, have purulent contents, then it is recommended to grind the leaf of the fat woman into gruel, wrap it in gauze and attach it to the problem area at night, attaching it with a plaster. The same method also helps in the treatment of boils.

To heal the scalp and hair, jellyfish juice can be added to shampoo or rinse water.

To eliminate excess oily skin, you can prepare an effective bastard face mask:

  • Beat the white of one egg, adding a full spoonful of carefully chopped bastard leaves and a spoonful of oatmeal chopped in a coffee grinder;
  • It is necessary to apply the product on washed and steamed skin, avoiding the area around the eyes, for 15 – 20 minutes, daily, for 1 week.

Traditional medicine, like home cosmetology, has many effective skin care products and solutions for a variety of tasks. With the help of a fat woman, thanks to its pronounced medicinal properties, you can:

  • To normalize the level of fat on the face;
  • Get rid of dryness and inflammation;
  • Get rid of symptoms and manifestations of irritation;
  • Get rid of the signs of aging, significantly rejuvenating and revitalizing the skin.

Using the plant for coughing

For all types of diseases of the throat and respiratory system, you can use the money tree for coughs of varying intensity:

  • To prepare it, you should chop 10 freshly cut leaves of the bastard;
  • Squeeze the juice out of them and dilute it with a glass of boiled warm water;
  • The ready-made solution should be used for rinsing the throat, carrying out the procedure 3 times a day.

Do not swallow the solution. Treatment should be continued until the symptoms of the disease disappear.

If necessary, you can use the solution for rinsing, as well as for douching the nasal cavity.

Fat woman can help with toothache

Due to the pronounced healing properties of the plant, in folk medicine there are many recipes based on the money tree for a variety of ailments. For example, with the appearance of an inflammatory process of the gums, the entire oral cavity, and toothache, healers recommend using the money tree according to the following recipe:

  • Take a fresh leaf of the plant;
  • Wash it and chew it thoroughly;
  • The procedure can be repeated 3 times a day, but extreme vigilance should be exercised.

Traditional medicine is silent about the fact that there is arsenic in the composition of crassula leaves.

For this reason, when chewing on the leaves of the plant, care must be taken not to swallow the juice and saliva. The medicinal properties of the plant will help eliminate inflammation of the oral cavity and relieve toothache, but if you swallow its juice, you can get very serious poisoning.

Treating gastritis with a money tree

In folk medicine, you can find recommendations that with the help of a fat woman, you can treat gastritis and other diseases of the digestive system, including ulcers. A similar statement is based on the medicinal properties of the plant and on the fact that when applied externally, the plant sap helps to quickly heal damage to the skin and mucous membranes, for example, the nasal and oral cavity.

However, upon penetration into the body, the juice of the bastard can provoke the appearance of serious food poisoning caused by arsenic contained in the leaves. For this reason, such traditional medicine cannot be used for internal treatment.

The fat woman helps with pain and inflammation in the joints

To eliminate inflammation and pain in the joints, the fat woman can be called an excellent means of traditional medicine, which has a fairly high efficiency. The plant sap, due to its medicinal properties, is capable of:

  • Quickly eliminate joint pain;
  • Reduce the intensity of inflammatory processes;
  • Get rid of tissue swelling.

For treatment, you can rub the juice of fresh leaves into the area of ​​sore joints, carrying out the procedure several times a day. You can also grind fresh leaves and apply the resulting gruel to problem areas in the form of healing compresses. Such treatment will be effective for arthrosis, gout, arthritis and osteochondrosis.

The use of crassula against varicose veins

Due to the pronounced anti-inflammatory effect and other medicinal properties of the fat woman, it is considered a very effective alternative medicine against varicose veins.

For treatment, you need to do the following:

  • Fresh leaves must be washed, dried thoroughly and chopped into gruel;
  • The finished product should be spread over clean gauze and applied with a compress to the problem area, securing it with a bandage;
  • In the daytime, such a compress can be left for an hour, performing the procedure twice;
  • Alternatively, apply under the bandage overnight. In this case, the procedure does not need to be carried out during the day.

Eliminating foot fungus with the money tree

The healing properties of the money tree make it possible to use it for the treatment of fungal infections of the skin and nails. Traditional medicine has a large number of recipes for effective remedies in this area. One of the most effective methods of treating foot fungus in traditional medicine is as follows:

  • Before carrying out the procedure, feet or hands with nails affected by the fungus must be steamed in a decoction of celandine or a solution of laundry soap;
  • After that, the nails should be carefully trimmed without damaging the skin;
  • Next, you need to cut leaves from the plant in an amount equal to the number of diseased nails;
  • It is necessary to remove the skin from the washed leaves (you can only on one side) and apply it to the affected nail plate;
  • On top you need to put a piece of bandage or cotton pad and fix each such bandage with a plaster;
  • It is recommended to carry out the treatment at night, leaving the compresses until the morning.

Use of bastard leaves for herpes

When a herpes rash appears, the leaves of the plant can be called a real salvation, because thanks to their medicinal properties, the remedies based on the fat woman are able to quickly defeat the ailment.

Traditional medicine in this case recommends treating the affected area with fresh plant juice.

For which you should cut off a fresh leaf of the money tree, peel it and apply it to the rashes at night, attaching it with a plaster. A piece of leaf can be replaced with cotton wool dipped in juice.

You can simply lubricate the affected area with leaf juice, carrying out the treatment every half hour throughout the day. Traditional medicine recipes in this case are very diverse and each of them is highly effective.

The difficulties of growing a fat woman

Like any other plant, Crassula can add hassle to a grower. To prevent this from happening, you need to provide proper home care for the money tree.

Leaves fall

Do not water the flower with cold water. Only warm water 25 degrees. Let the soil dry out between waterings.

The money tree doesn’t grow

If the fat woman has decreased in growth, it may be necessary to change the pot. It should be no more than a tree crown in diameter.

What does it mean if the fat woman died

Why the flower died is a separate question. More importantly, what consequences threaten the owner of the fat woman. Signs speak of imminent poverty and ruin.

To avoid the consequences, monitor the condition of the flower. If you notice that the plant dries up, withers, take preventive measures. Make sure the roots are not rotted, transplant into a large container, provide watering and feeding.

Timely steps taken to care for a sick tree will save it from death and the owner from poverty.

Money tree in the bedroom

In the bedroom, a flower is placed if the room is sufficiently lit. The fat woman cannot stand the darkness.

It is believed that the magical plant is able to replenish the strength of the owners during the night’s sleep. In the morning they will feel vigorous and energetic.

The fat woman has the ability to disinfect the air. A representative of the genus Crassula kills pathogenic bacteria. Therefore, we can talk about the healing properties of the plant. The presence of a flower next to a person will have a beneficial effect.

Is it possible to give or accept as a gift a fat woman

The tree is a gift for a wedding. The symbol of prosperity is tied with a scarlet ribbon and presented to a young family. The talisman will ensure prosperity for a couple, get rid of poverty and poverty.

It is permissible to tie bills to a gift. So, the newlyweds will receive not only a talisman, but also real material assistance.

Taking a fat woman as a gift, it is better to pay in coins. Even a few coins are enough.

Do they give a tree that already grows at home

A mature tree is usually not presented as a gift. Signs say that in this case, the former owner will go broke. The prosperity will leave the plant that betrayed it.

The present will also not bring happiness to the new owner. It is already filled with someone else’s energy.

If such a gift is made, it is better to “buy off”, that is, pay for it in coins. Then it will be considered that it was acquired and not received as a gift.

Can I give it to other people or just throw the fat woman away?

Sometimes the owners are forced to get rid of the plant pet. The reasons can be very different:

  • moving;
  • employment;
  • frequent departures;
  • illness.

Throwing the flower away is not worth it. Thank the money symbol for the help provided and give it to the new owners. They must pay for the gift in coins.

If the tree has become old, it can be thrown away. But before that, the talisman must be thanked for the work.

New owners should remember that an adult plant will not bring wealth. It will only serve as an interior item for landscaping the apartment.

Is it possible to give only shoots

Shoots are given away only if they were originally intended for sale.

If you want to make a gift, then it is better to plant a sprout and grow a young tree. Take care of this beforehand.

It is impossible to give up shoots from a home talisman into the wrong hands. It is allowed to give only to close and trusted people.

The fat woman will become not only a suitable talisman and a talisman against poverty and ruin, but also a medicine that will help in emergency situations. It is important to follow the rules for the care and maintenance of the money amulet. Then there will be no health risk. Owners should remember that the magical properties will manifest themselves only with hard work and work. The lazy dollar tree does not like.


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