Warming Earth could kill 83 million people by 2100

(ORDO NEWS) — By literally 2100, about 83 million people could die due to the fact that the planet is warming up too quickly.

This happens as a result of the emission of a huge amount of greenhouse gases, and the indicator continues to increase all the time. You can learn more about the research carried out by specialists in the scientific journal Nature Communications, where its results were published. Reported by The Guardian.

The social cost of carbon is at the heart of this study. This is a certain amount of money that can at least roughly determine the losses provided to the economy by a huge amount of carbon dioxide.

Also, experts have determined the approximate number of people who can die as a result of an increase in greenhouse gases and their negative impact on the planet’s atmosphere.

Scientists have found that in 2020, every time 4,434 tons of carbon dioxide were in the Earth’s atmosphere, one person died ahead of schedule. This amount of carbon dioxide is a consequence of the vital activity of only three Americans.

To understand the scale, they compared the indicators with other countries. For example, 25 people produce the same amount of carbon dioxide in Brazil. In Nigeria, it will take 146 people altogether to achieve this figure.


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