Canada: a doctor fertilized women with his sperm for decades

(ORDO NEWS) — Norman Barvin, who worked as a fertility specialist in Ottawa, has to pay $ 13.4 million to those women who gave birth to children from him.

This is the first time that a doctor illegally and without the consent of women, impregnated them with his sperm. Moreover, this kind of court was the first in the country. Reported by Ottawa-Citizen.

Barvin was considered by many to be an excellent specialist, but as it was later established, from about 1973 he used his own sperm to fertilize his clients, and not the one provided by their partners.

The first such accusations against Barvin came back in the mid-90s, but they were only able to get widespread publicity in the early 2010s.

A class action lawsuit was filed against the doctor, in which 226 people took part. These were not only women who were deceived, but also children who were born with the help of artificial insemination. At least 17 of these children are Barwin’s own children.

They require not only monetary compensation, but also the creation of a special DNA database, which will help in the future to establish the biological fathers of those who are not the child of a reproductologist. It is worth noting that Barvin and his lawyers fully agree with the requirements, but they still have to be approved by the judge. Only after that, the man will begin to pay off the victims for their actions.


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