Virologists have predicted the development of the coronavirus pandemic

(ORDO NEWS) — The second wave of coronavirus, which is expected to occur in the fall or winter, may possibly be prevented. This can be explained by the fact that the severity of the disease gradually decreases and the “viral load” becomes not so serious.

This indicates that in all countries the coronavirus has not become as aggressive as it was before. Such a forecast was made by the Italian virologist Massimo Clementi.

“If over time the virus becomes less virulent, then the situation with such a huge number of infected people will not happen again. Back in May, doctors began to say that the severity of the disease is already declining. In this case, it was said not only that there were fewer infected, but that there were fewer seriously ill patients who needed intensive care,” Massimo Clementi explained his opinion

The virologist and his colleagues conducted a study and found that in winter the viral load was several tens higher than in late spring. At the moment, the infection is not so difficult, and the number of dangerous particles in the biological fluid of patients has decreased markedly. This suggests that the coronavirus begins to weaken. Of course, at the moment, scientists are not completely sure of this, but further research will help to obtain more accurate results.

It is worth noting that a similar forecast was made by many other specialists from different countries.

For example, scientists from Britain found that coronavirus mutates in order to adapt to the human body, but at the same time its pathogenic potential begins to decrease. Accordingly, the virus no longer seems as scary as before. In the near future, most likely, coronavirus will provoke only the simplest respiratory diseases in people.

In turn, Japanese experts are confident that the second wave cannot be avoided and it will be even more terrible than the first.


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