The homeland of the coronavirus is not China

(ORDO NEWS) — A very loud statement came from China, whose authorities said that the virus could have arisen in another country, just China was the first to announce mass infection of citizens.

The epidemic did indeed begin in China, said Zhang Hanhui, the country’s ambassador to Russia. However, this does not mean that the virus appeared in the PRC. There is no evidence that the original source of the disease was in China. It could well be brought into the territory of the Celestial Empire by tourists or citizen travelers. China was the first to discover a massive problem and began to take action, reporting to the world.

According to two versions, the virus has several sources of origin: the seafood market in Wuhan or the laboratory from which it “escaped”. The first theory is now excluded, as numerous studies have not confirmed the transmission of the strain from marine life.

The second option is more realistic, but China throws it as well. There are at least two laboratories with dangerous viruses in the Wuhan region, in one there have already been cases of careless behavior with disease samples.

The truth will become known in a time when all disputes cease. Perhaps it will take more than a dozen years before the world finds out the truth. At the moment, according to official statistics, there are more than 7.3 million patients in the world (as of June 11). Almost 420 thousand people could not survive the infection. The epidemic continues, but the authorities in most countries have decided to ease quarantine.

According to new information, coronavirus spread throughout the world much earlier. So, in France, allegedly one infected was back in December. There is no official confirmation of this. It is also worth noting that six species of a new type of coronavirus are spreading around the world. This greatly complicates the process of developing a vaccine.


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