Vanga’s predictions that didn’t come true

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(ORDO NEWS) — At one time, the prophets of seer Vanga shocked people with how accurate and truthful they were. Most of them came true, but many predictions turned out to be untrue.

Experts estimate that Wanga’s forecasts came true with an accuracy of no more than 70%. Some scholars say that the seer was mistaken only in 2 cases out of 10, and some are sure that the predictions were misinterpreted and in fact Wang always always told only the truth. So, in what cases did the predictions of a famous seer fail?

The death of bush

Bush did not die as Wang predicted. He lived a long life and died in a hospital at the age of 94. Some of Wang’s fans would argue that the prediction did not come true, because Bush really survived the plane crash. The plane he was flying was shot down and then Bush almost died, leaving the blazing car in time.

There will not be many foods

Vanga predicted that some food would disappear by around 2000. The seer foreshadowed the complete disappearance of bees and as a result of honey. Because of this, the milk in the animals had to deteriorate and some plants disappear. Quite a lot of time has passed, and all these products are quite common around the world. Could this be another mistake? And if so, then the error lies in the essence of this prediction or in the date when everything will happen?

Despite the fact that some of Vanga’s predictions have not come true to date, the seer foresaw a lot of important events for mankind. For some of them, people even managed to prepare, which avoided very serious consequences. In general, Vanga was practically not mistaken, and perhaps some of her old predictions will soon come true. Perhaps the seer simply could not give the exact date of what was happening.


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