US will build a nuclear reactor on the moon

(ORDO NEWS) — In the United States, the development of a nuclear reactor is in full swing, which will help create the necessary conditions for astronauts to live on the lunar base. The reactor will generate electrical energy.

For many years, scientists around the world have been talking about the possibility of colonizing the moon, and now, now the time has come for practical steps. Scientists from the United States began to develop a power supply system for the lunar base since without it it is impossible to provide the colonizers with the necessary living conditions.

Scientists, having studied all the possibilities, refused to use solar batteries, since a two-week “night” periodically occurs on the natural satellite of the Earth, during which there will be no opportunity to generate electricity. Given these circumstances, a source of energy is needed that will continuously provide the colonizers with electricity.

NASA employees decided to use a small-sized nuclear reactor, since, with other possibilities, it is able to fully meet the needs for electricity.

Scientists are currently developing design requirements, as they announced at a meeting of the technology, innovation, and engineering committee of the NASA advisory board. Next year, a company will be determined that will develop a nuclear reactor with an output power of 10 kW. And in 2027 they plan to leave it on the moon. Scientists believe that their development will also be useful for organizing a research base on Mars.

Judging by the announced plans of the United States, in the coming years, scientists are preparing to send astronauts to the moon. Most likely, this mission will not only be scientific, since US President Donald Trump ordered the development of a legal framework that would allow the country to use the resources produced on a natural satellite.

Earlier, American billionaire Elon Musk said that human flight to Mars is not the main problem, the most difficult thing is to build a full-fledged research base on the Red Planet, which will create all the necessary conditions for the settlers to live. If NASA scientists can develop a nuclear reactor with the declared characteristics, then this will significantly increase the chances of creating a Martian base. It only remains to solve the problem of delivering a person and the necessary resources to the Red Planet. According to Elon Musk, this will require several thousand flights, which may take about 20 years.


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