US Fed balance rose to a record $ 6.72 trillion

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Last week, the US Federal Reserve balance rose to a record $ 6.72 trillion as the regulator continued to buy treasury bonds and mortgage-backed securities to support financial markets in a pandemic.

However, the balance sheet growth slowed as the US central bank reduced the rate of asset repurchase . The total assets on the Fed balance sheet for the week of May 6 increased by $ 65.5 billion compared with an increase of $ 82.8 billion a week earlier. In addition, some of the new Fed loan programs are not yet operational.

The volume of US treasury bonds on the balance sheet of the central bank over the past week increased by $ 48.8 billion to $ 4.02 trillion. The volume of mortgage-backed securities on the Fed’s balance sheet increased by $ 660 million.

Borrowings under the Commercial Paper Funding Facility (CPFF) increased to $ 3.99 billion from $ 3.37 billion the previous week.

The use of currency swap lines that allow foreign central banks to provide dollar liquidity in their jurisdictions has increased to $ 444.9 billion as of Wednesday from $ 439 billion a week earlier.

Loans under the program for primary dealers decreased to $ 14.9 billion from $ 25.5 billion the previous week.

Use of the money market mutual fund support program fell to $ 42.8 billion from $ 46.3 billion a week earlier.

The Federal Reserve also cut loans to banks directly through a discount window. As of Wednesday, these borrowings fell to $ 26.5 billion from $ 31.8 billion the previous week.


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