US experts made alarming conclusions about the state of the country’s nuclear power plants

(ORDO NEWS) — Nuclear power is considered by many scientists as one of the main directions for the transition to energy with low emissions.

Some experts believe that nuclear power plants can be safe, but a new report by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s (NRC) Inspector General’s Office casts doubt on those beliefs.

“Counterfeit and suspicious goods (denoted as CFSI) are present in the operating factories. We sampled a nuclear power plant in each of the four regions and found evidence that CFSIs are being used at a plant in Region III.

In addition, a senior NRC director told us about two CFSI component failures at Region I plants that the licensee identified as CFSI,” the authors of the report wrote.

“A recent OIG audit report also showed that suspicious parts are present at operating nuclear plants.”

Poor quality and counterfeit parts create safety issues that can have serious consequences, the authors added. After several unnamed individuals claimed that most nuclear plants were “labeled” with CFSI, the NRC investigated.

The NRC also looked into details that were illegally altered to look legitimate. The NRC called these parts “deliberately misrepresented to be misleading”.

Finally, the report highlights that the Department of Energy also identified another 100 incidents involving counterfeit parts at nuclear power plants in 2021.


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