US Air Force reported a mysterious incident in the Gulf of Mexico to the Pentagon’s UFO research office

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(ORDO NEWS) — In an unexpected turn of events, the United States Air Force (USAF) has officially submitted a report on an incident with an unknown object to its All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO).

The incident occurred earlier this year over the Gulf of Mexico near Eglin Air Force Base in Florida. While approaching an unidentified object, a US Air Force pilot stationed at the base experienced a sudden failure of his sensor systems, causing military concern.

During a congressional hearing on UFOs in July 2023, Florida Representative Matt Gaetz recounted the incident, saying that one of the pilots observed a diamond formation on radar and collided with a large floating orb-like object.

Gaetz emphasized that the object appeared to have capabilities beyond the scope of human technology. He also noted that while approaching the object, the pilot’s radar and FLIR system failed, forcing him to manually capture the image.

Confirming Gaetz’s information and shedding light on the incident, Defense Department spokeswoman Susan Gough said AARO received the message from Eglin Air Force Base and that Gaetz was briefed on classified information during his visit. Gough also said that the AARO is currently conducting a review of the case and intends to publish its findings on its website once the information is cleared to be made public.

However, not all representatives were allowed to attend the US Air Force and Department of Defense briefings. Representatives Tim Burchett and Anna Paulina Luna, who are not on either the Intelligence or Armed Services committees, were denied access. This decision led to a dispute between representatives and employees of the US Air Force.

Reacting to the Department of Defense’s announcement that it would release its analysis of the UAP incident, spokeswoman Luna expressed skepticism but hope for transparency. She criticized DoD for blocking access to information and called on the American people to engage in transparency.

This incident comes after previous allegations of a lack of UAP transparency by the US Air Force. In November 2022, the Department of Defense confirmed that the Air Force did not renew a pilot program aimed at normalizing the collection, reporting and analysis of UAP. In addition, reports have emerged that the US Air Force is thwarting attempts by officers to cooperate with the former UFO task force, indicating a change in its position on the issue.

The fact that Eglin Air Force Base reported this incident to AARO suggests that the Air Force may be more willing to be cooperative and transparent regarding UAP. This development allows us to hope for a deeper understanding and study of these unidentified phenomena.


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