Unusual goose made the netizens laugh

(ORDO NEWS) — Twitter user Croix S. Almer posted a photo taken from the network of an unusually fat goose with a caption that was intentionally misspelled.

A picture of a bird has gained popularity in the social network and amused many users. The photo also quickly became a meme.

“I made an algorithm look at a thousand Twitter memes and create my own, and this is what happened. I’m shaking and crying [with laughter],” wrote Croix S. Almer.

He posted a photo of a large white goose with a massive chest, which had previously circulated online but was not widely shared. At the bottom of the frame is a deliberately distorted name of the bird in English – “guts” (in the original – Goots).

The post got over 200,000 likes. In the comments, users admitted that the picture and the caption amused them with their absurdity. “This is [fucking] funny for no reason,” “I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time,” users wrote.

Many users also edited the picture and added it to other popular memes. One of them used the Wrong Boy format, replacing the head of the girl the young man is looking at with an image of a fat goose.

Another user imagined a bird in the form of Godzilla, which towers over the city. Many artists have also created fan art based on the original image.

After the picture went viral, Croix S. Almer admitted on Twitter that he lied: in fact, the meme was not made using an algorithm – before that, he unsuccessfully tried to make the frame popular for a year.


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