There is no underground sea on Mars, scientists say

(ORDO NEWS) — A couple of years ago, scientists recorded a lake of liquid water under the surface of the Red Planet at the south pole.

Then scientists said that at a depth of one and a half kilometers there is a huge reservoir of water. This was evidenced by the data of radar analysis.

A recent study published on the scientific portal Geophysical Research Letters reports that scientists were wrong and there is no underground lake on Mars.

According to a group of American paleontologists, scientists were mistaken, since the mythical lake looks more like a buried volcanic rock.

As arguments, the lead researcher cites the absence of a sufficiently powerful heat source on Mars that would maintain water in a liquid state of aggregation.

Such conclusions scientists were allowed to make a computer simulation of the planet. Scientists have developed a three-dimensional radar map under the conditions of the ice sheet over Mars.

Next, the scientists compared the resulting landscape with the real surface of the planet. It turned out that the places of the snow caps coincide with the position of the volcanic plains.

Scientists explained that this indicates the presence of deep volcanic rocks under the surface of the planet.


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