UFOs are not from any country on Earth, maybe they are from the Parallel World

(ORDO NEWS) — Alain Jouyet, former director of the French Republic’s Foreign Intelligence Service (DGSE), is one of the first people in authority to speak openly about the UFO phenomenon and the existence of alien life.

With vast experience in intelligence, he advocated a pragmatic approach and an open mind to solving a mystery too important to be left at the mercy of only people who believe in it and skeptics.

In an interview with the French edition of Paris Match in 2020, Mr Juillet said: “In the field of UFOs, not to mention people who see a flying saucer land in a field, there are fighter pilots, astronauts, people who are anything , just not funny, and report very accurate observations.

We should not say that this is nonsense, but simply admit that there are things that elude us. It was in this context that I became interested in this problem, because the first thing we see when we study this phenomenon, it is that, obviously, these machines or these phenomena do not function according to earthly laws and, in particular, that they are not subject to gravity.

Mr. Juillet raised the question of whether these UFOs could be from parallel universes other than our own. He said: “For comparison, a fly with its compound eyes can see dimensions other than ours, even if it lives in our world.

Perhaps that is why there are things in our universe that we cannot see in normal time, because they are not come into our field of vision. But perhaps from time to time something happens, some phenomenon passes through our field of perception before disappearing. ”

Discussing how society would react if the general public ever learned the truth about UFOs, Juye said: “If tomorrow morning we get confirmation that UFOs are coming from a world parallel to ours, everyone will say, ‘Well, there is a parallel world.’ The day we say it, within five years everyone will accept it as a normal thing.”

Has any country developed a system (technology) that does not obey the known laws of physics? “Twenty years ago, I would have said, ‘Why not?’

But today, if any country in the world made such a discovery, we would know about it. No progress of this magnitude can be kept secret. It is impossible. If If the country had such technology, it would already be used openly.”

According to Mr. Juye, they found UFOs moving at an incredibly high speed. He added that these objects move underwater, moving much faster than the speed of sound.

Therefore, “the more we advance in technology, the more we identify such events. But so far we cannot explain them. We will find answers, I am convinced that we will find them. But we need time,” he said.


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