Turmeric can treat stomach diseases as well as pills, study shows

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(ORDO NEWS) — Thai scientists from Chulalongkorn University have made a discovery in the treatment of gastric diseases. Their study found that the popular natural remedy turmeric may be as effective as standard medications designed to combat stomach problems.

The study, which lasted four weeks and included more than 200 volunteers aged 18 to 70, was divided into three groups. The first group of participants received turmeric, which is widely known in Asian countries as a natural remedy for maintaining stomach health.

The second group took omeprazole tablets, known for their ability to reduce stomach acid. The third group received a combination of turmeric and omeprazole.

Surprisingly, the study found that all three groups achieved similar effectiveness in treating stomach problems. The discovery is generating interest in the medical community and among patients researching alternative treatments.

However, the study authors have several comments.

First, the sample of participants was relatively small, and a larger study with more participants is required to be completely confident in the results. Second, the four-week study period may not be long enough to fully assess long-term treatment effects.

Despite these limitations, the study by Thai scientists allows us to take a different look at the possibilities of treating gastric diseases using natural ingredients.


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