Transiting Mars in Aries the astrologer told what troubles await us

(ORDO NEWS) — Astrologer Tatyana Lukashevich told about a number of incidents that will certainly happen in the future. Natural disasters, violence and catastrophes await people.

At the moment, Mars is in Aries, and this is a “combustible mixture” that creates chaos. In the near future, many not entirely pleasant events are foreseen. Already now one can observe the consequences of space influence: explosions in Beirut, a big fire in California, almost a plane crash in India, protests in Belarus.

Astrologer Valentina Wittrock noted that before Mars entered Aries (June 28), the Black Moon (Lilith) was in it. This fictitious planet is not only “programmed” to detect evil, but also to increase it several times. Mars only added fuel to the fire.

Until October 21, people will experience the consequences of Mars and the Black Moon in Aries. Only at the end of October will humanity feel relief, since Lilith will leave Aries.

The influence of Mars will last until January 7, but it will be less dangerous. The planet will continue its “journey” along other signs. She visits Aries every few years. It is important to note that Mars itself is not bad. On the contrary, it can awaken useful qualities in people, for example, the desire to act and initiative. Not without negativity: people can easily get carried away by something and quickly lose all interest in the matter. Also, some will become overly irritable and risk-averse.

The influence of Lilith and Mars is especially dangerous for Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, as these signs can eventually cause themselves problems and get “under the hand”.

Tatyana Lukashevich recommends not to walk at night, to be cautious on the roads and in transport, by any means to bypass dangerous points and objects, to restrain emotions and not to provoke inadequate people.


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