Not transmitted from person to person a new virus attacked Europe

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(ORDO NEWS) — A completely new meningoencephalitis virus, which may be linked to mosquito bites, is on the rise in Europe. The virus was recorded in Spain. At the moment, there are already 18 patients in the hospital. The health department reported that a total of 18 cases of infection were detected and five people were in the intensive care unit.

All infected live in the province of Seville. An interesting point is that the virus is not transmitted between people. Experts have suggested that meningoencephalitis begins to develop after a person is bitten by a mosquito, which belongs to the species aedes japonicus. Another name for these mosquitoes is Asian bush mosquitoes. It is worth noting that they also carry the West Nile virus. At the moment, the authorities are in full control of the situation and are doing everything possible to prevent the disease from spreading further.

Meningoencephalitis is a disease that is neuroinfectious in nature. After infection, the patient has a simultaneous damage not only to the membranes of the brain, but also directly to the substance of the brain. Characterized by the presence of symptoms of infection, as well as focal and meningeal symptoms.

The diagnosis can be made only after a thorough neurological examination, MRI, CT of the brain, analysis of cerebrospinal fluid will be carried out. In addition, it is imperative to carry out studies with which you can establish the presence of the pathogen. As a treatment, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral agents are used. Additionally, the course of treatment includes taking symptomatic and pathogenetic drugs.


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