Top 6 tea brewing mistakes that turn the drink into poison

(ORDO NEWS) — A cup of tea is synonymous with comfort. But only if the aromatic drink is prepared correctly!

The British, who recommend drinking a cup of tea with or without reason, are absolutely right: this tonic drink helps relieve stress, cheer up and even protect our health from terrible diseases (for example, cancer or diabetes).

But only if the tea is properly brewed and drunk at the right time. Which? Let’s tell now! Here are six of the most common tea brewing and serving mistakes that can make your favorite beverage a health hazard.

Drink tea on an empty stomach

Top 6 tea brewing mistakes that turn the drink into poison 2

Tea leaf extract suppresses gastric secretion and reduces the production of gastric juice. Simply put – tea drunk on an empty stomach suppresses appetite, and we refuse breakfast. And this is the biggest crime against our health that we can only commit in the morning!

Brewing tea too strong

Top 6 tea brewing mistakes that turn the drink into poison 3

The golden rule: one teaspoon of tea leaves for each cup, plus one more – “for the teapot.” If you reduce the dose, the tea will turn out to be too weak, but if you exceed it, the drink will have too much caffeine.

Because of this, the nervous system can become too excited (in the most serious cases, tachycardia and hand tremors may appear), and an excess of diuretics will lead to dehydration.

In addition, an excess of tannins in tea that is too strong can adversely affect bowel function and provoke constipation. So follow the measure!

Drinking tea too hot

Constantly drinking too hot drinks that irritate the mucous membranes of the throat, esophagus and stomach.

Regular burns can lead to the formation of scar tissue, which has an increased susceptibility to infections and a tendency to form malignant tumors. So, having brewed a cup of fragrant tea, let the drink cool down a bit!

Drink tea immediately after meals

Top 6 tea brewing mistakes that turn the drink into poison 4

Tea drunk in the first half an hour after a meal impairs the absorption of protein, and also interferes with the absorption of many useful substances contained in food. It is better to wait 30-40 minutes after a meal, and only then drink a cup of tea – only without sugar and desserts.

Take medicine with tea

Any medicines can be washed down only with clean water without gas – otherwise their effect may be weakened or, on the contrary, strengthened.

And in no case should you take tablets and powders with tea: this drink contains a lot of active substances, many of which are categorically incompatible with drugs.

So, for example, eufellin or papaverine, taken with tea, can have a bad effect on cardiac activity. And contraceptives or sedatives washed down with tea may simply not work.

Drink yesterday’s tea

Top 6 tea brewing mistakes that turn the drink into poison 5

Tea that has spent the night in a teapot not only loses most of its useful substances – pathogenic microorganisms that can cause serious harm to our health also actively multiply in it. If fresh tea is a medicine, then yesterday’s tea is, alas, a real poison.


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