Thinnest tower in the world

(ORDO NEWS) — On the coast of Brighton, you can see an incredibly long concrete “needle” – but few people know that inside it you can even ride to the very top.

Since 2016, the Guinness Book of Records has officially registered the thinnest tower in the world – only 4 meters wide and over 160 meters high. It is located in Brighton and plays the role of a coastal observation tower.

The building also includes a 94-ton bay capable of carrying 200 people up and down the seemingly fragile structure. According to John Robert, the project’s chief engineer, the building’s main problem was not its width at all.

“The whole design of the tower had to meet one requirement: it had to be stable even in very strong winds, ” he told the BBC.

In Brighton, on the south coast of the UK, wind speeds can reach 130 km/h. However, according to the designers, the tower is able to withstand winds blowing at a speed of 161 km/h.

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