The student was fined for feeding a pigeon on the street

(ORDO NEWS) — A student who came from India to the UK for internship was fined a decent amount. The guy was fined £ 150 simply for throwing a small cake to the bird.

This is reported by the Manchester Evening News.

Rishi Prem was very upset that the police issued a fine to him just because he wanted to feed a hungry bird. It happened a month ago in Piccadilly Park, which is located in the heart of Manchester city. The student said that he did not even suspect that it is strictly forbidden to feed pigeons in parks. He also added that there was not a single sign in the vicinity that would prohibit doing this. Rishi noted that the police officer should have warned him in advance.

The student had to pay the assigned fine within ten days. This he did, but now he is experiencing significant financial difficulties. The guy said that in fact he was from a rather poor family, so he had no opportunity to ask his parents for help. He could not fully get a job due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In the UK, there is indeed a law according to which it is forbidden to feed pigeons in public places. The law was passed back in 2003 because birds began to pollute streets and buildings too much.


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