Physicists told what will happen if the moon approaches the Earth twice

(ORDO NEWS) — The moon plays a very important role in the existence of our planet. She is able to reflect not only sunlight, but also affect the gravity of the Earth. Most of all, the satellite affects the ebb and flow that are observed in the world’s oceans.

In the event that the Moon approached our planet twice, then this would provoke an increase in the height of the tides by almost eight times. It is reported by Live Science.

The approach of a satellite will cause some of the islands to hide under water for a significant part of the time. In addition, people will not be able to live in the immediate vicinity of the ocean, because the coast will constantly be flooded with water. But this is far from the only influence that the Moon can have on the Earth.

If the satellite were closer to our planet, then this would provoke the effect of a very strong hammer blow on the gong. Energy waves would be bounced off the Earth due to the fact that there would be a sharp increase in the Moon’s gravity.

An excellent example in this situation is Jupiter, along with its satellite Io. This moon has the strongest volcanic activity in the entire solar system. The reason for this is the effect of the gravitational attraction directly from Jupiter itself, as well as two more of its satellites.

The Earth may find itself in exactly the same situation if the distance to the Moon is halved.

Other consequences of the approach of the Moon include a slowdown in the rotation of the planet, a sharp deflection of the crust, regular earthquakes and volcanic activity, an increase in the length of the day and night, and more frequent solar eclipses.

If the Moon moved to our planet along a certain spiral, then this would lead to gradual changes and all life on Earth would be able to adapt to new living conditions.


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