A girl after COVID-19 lives with the smells of onions, sweat and garbage

(ORDO NEWS) — The journalist Sofia Ankle from England cannot get rid of a disease like parosmia for a year. Pathology leads to a distortion of the perception of odors. The problems began after the girl got sick with coronavirus in 2020. Now the familiar products of the journalist smell like garbage, sweat and onions.

Experts calm the girl down and say that it is possible to regain her sense of smell with the help of special therapy. It is reported by insider.

Parosmia is caused by damage to neurons in the human nerve center that are responsible for the sense of smell. Sofia notes that living with such a disease is extremely problematic and it greatly changes everyday life. At the same time, the girl is happy that she has no more serious consequences after the coronavirus, like many who have recovered.

Doctors, in turn, say that many people after covid are faced with parosmia, so Sophia should use special therapy, with the help of which she will be able to correct her sense of smell.

Karl Philpott believes that parosmia is a serious enough problem that can ultimately lead to the development of depression.

Today there is no exact information on how many people in the world have faced this problem.

According to the latest data published in February this year, 47 patients suffer from parosmia. Philpott noted the fact that a treatment for this pathology has not yet been developed, but still, recovery can be significantly accelerated. To do this, you will need to learn to smell with the help of certain practices.


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