The secret functions of smartphones

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(ORDO NEWS) — Apple and Google regularly introduce niche features to operating system updates that are little known to ordinary users. The secret capabilities of smartphones were revealed by an expert at the NAFI Digital Citizen project, Vladimir Gritsenko, the Prime agency reports.

So, in both Android and iOS, there are functions that take care of the hardware of the smartphone. So, they have a protection mechanism that stops charging if there is moisture or dirt in the charging port. Also in both operating systems, you can see sample information about battery wear.

At the same time, the “optimized charging” function can be used on the iPhone – it can reduce the time of a condition harmful to the device when the smartphone is connected to the network and is already charged.

According to Gritsenko, a few smartphone owners are aware of the useful built-in functionality for working with files. For example, in the Files application on iOS, you can scan documents. This functionality is also available in some Android shells, for example, Samsung, and in the “stock” Android, you can scan through Google Drive.

“The iPhone also has rich built-in functionality for processing photos and videos: you can not only choose the start and end times of the video, but also rotate the video, change the frame size,” he added. Both systems also support recording video from the smartphone screen.

The expert added that Android and iOS provide functionality to prevent unwanted access to user information from others. So, from the gadget on which there is protection at the entrance, it is possible to remotely erase information, as well as see where it is located, which can be useful if the phone is stolen. On some Android smartphones, it is possible to hide applications, hide messages or photos. On iOS, currently you can only hide photos, said Gritsenko.

In June, an IT specialist advised limiting application access to device functions. The expert described the main danger of malicious applications as being able to read SMS messages, for example, malicious programs can gain access to one-time codes from banks and intercept the gadget owner’s account.

Applications issued by unknown developers need to restrict access to data and ensure that the requests of the creators do not go beyond the functionality of the service. For example, scammers can access the device’s notebook, social networks, camera and microphone.


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