Eternal lamps of the past: why we forgot about this source of energy

(ORDO NEWS) — We bring to your attention an interesting documentary by Viktor Maksimenko about the “eternal lamps” of the past. Moreover, this technology is not some kind of lost civilization, say, of Atlantis, “ eternal lamps ” were found in temples and underground tombs of the Middle Ages and even later.

For example, the most “eternal” of them, the so-called Lantern of Pollant, found in a tomb near Rome in 1401, burned for more than two thousand years without any feeding and human intervention.

Moreover, in ancient chronicles, such lamps (milk balls) are spoken of as something ordinary, for example, if the Pollant lantern was of interest to the then chronicler, it was not at all a technological mystery, but an amazingly long shelf life in the dungeon.

The most striking thing is that with the advent of photography in the 19th century, the technology of fuel-free lamps is fixed on the pictures everywhere and everywhere. Moreover, photographers do not remove this miracle (which seemed to us today), but, for example, the illumination in Moscow in 1896 on the occasion of the coronation of Nicholas II.

Unfortunately, there are not so many such photographs, since those who banned and destroyed the technology of free and eternal lighting (I think everyone understands who and why) tried to destroy all traces of the “eternal lamps”. And this happened just at the beginning of the 20th century, when oil and gas became sources of electricity, and owners of fossil hydrocarbons became the owners of the planet.

Now we understand the persecution of such outstanding scientists, such as, for example, Nikola Tesla. These geniuses, apparently, were able to rediscover the etheric energy, free and unlimited for all the inhabitants of the Earth. By the way, it was at the beginning of the 20th century that ether was declared a pseudoscientific concept and they tried to forget about it forever. Although the echoes of “ethereal knowledge” have been in the human vocabulary for a long time, let’s say, nothing reminds you of such a phrase: “Mayak radio station is on air”.

Viktor Masimenkov asks the question: will we return to these lost technologies, which were not only free, but also environmentally friendly and safe for the planet, which can not be said not only about carbon sources of energy, but also about nuclear power plants, as well as solar and wind energy ? All of these sources of modern energy, including the so-called “green” ones, are ineffective and destructive for our planet. But in order to return to the past on energy, you must first change the existing social way of life, which is democratic (popular) listed only on paper and proclaimed only in words, but in reality it is a purely commercial society of traders, where for the sake of profit and power the strong of this world are capable of any crime. And one of them is hiding the true history of mankind.


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