The products that harm the skin

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(ORDO NEWS) — Experts told which products should be avoided in order to maintain good skin condition.

This is reported by NDTV Food.

Dairy products

Many people use milk, cheese and butter regularly to saturate the body with calcium. But they can have a negative effect on the skin. In particular, excessive consumption of dairy products can increase insulin, which can cause acne.

Fried food

For the sake of the healthy condition of the skin and the whole body in general, it is better to minimize fried food. The fact is that when cooking it, an excessive amount of oil is used, which can cause inflammation and the production of excess fat.

Cakes, desserts and other sweets

Sugar not only causes obesity, but also skin problems. Following dairy products, it can quickly raise insulin levels, which, in turn, can trigger many skin problems.


Among other culprits of skin problems, experts mentioned bread, which has a high glycemic content, which is potentially harmful to the skin. For the sake of a healthy and radiant, it is better to abandon this product or reduce it to a minimum.


Caffeine can harm your skin. It will not necessarily cause acne or other skin problems, but due to its excessive consumption, the general situation may worsen.


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