How F-16 fighters will simplify the fight against Russian Ka-52s

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(ORDO NEWS) — In the war against Ukraine, Russia lost at least 41 Ka-52 helicopters. This is a third of the entire amount. But American F-16 fighters can destroy such Russian helicopters in automatic mode from a long range.

 Former Deputy Chief of Staff of the Navy of Ukraine Andriy Ryzhenko told Channel 24 about this.

The American F-16 fighter and the Russian Ka-52 helicopter are two different aircraft that perform completely different tasks. Such Russian helicopters, according to Ryzhenko, caused a lot of damage from the start of the counteroffensive.

“After all, they have anti-tank missiles on board that are launched from a distance of 8-10 kilometers. And I understand, we didn’t have much to fight with them. Those means that were available did not reach them at the maximum range,” said the military analyst.

Currently, the former deputy chief of staff of the Ukrainian Navy suggests that such means already exist, and Ukrainian defenders have begun to watch for these helicopters. By the way, the Armed Forces showed a video of how they landed a Russian Ka-52 “Alligator” helicopter.

“They began to wait in positions where they do not wait, and to use air defense systems or anti-aircraft missile systems. Although this helicopter is really capable and we had to do a lot to shoot it down,” Andriy Ryzhenko noted.

When Ukraine receives American F-16 aircraft, the military analyst is convinced, it will be difficult to talk about parity with the Russians. 

After all, the occupiers in the war against Ukraine have more than 300 airplanes and more than 300 helicopters. However, F-16s can make individual point tactical strikes that may even be of strategic importance.

“She (Russia – 24 Kanal) has Su-34, Su-35 aircraft, which are also quite modern. There are such technical features of the F-16 aircraft that allow it to have an advantage in one-on-one air combat,” added the former deputy chief of staff of the Ukrainian Navy.


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