The place of mysterious creatures near Syzran

(ORDO NEWS) — The Rachey Alps, located near the village of Smolkino, Syzran district, will receive the status of a natural park. The issue should be resolved in the near future. This was reported in the regional ministry of forestry, environmental protection and nature management.

Bor is very popular with tourists. Not only is there a lot of red-book plants, it’s also a place fanned with secrets and legends.

For example, there are huge boulders. They were formed as a result of the movement of a giant glacier many thousands of years ago. There is also a Glade of sorcerers. Locals are sure that abnormal events occur here. Often talk about UFOs and curved space. Local residents also met a man in a red shirt with a jug of money in his hands. Another legend is about the mysterious dwarf people living among the stones. Locals call creatures half-humans, half-philins, writes KTV-Luch.


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