The mystery of one of the most mysterious objects in the Universe solved

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(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have recently paid special attention to observations of the star system, which is called the Phoenix Stream. Due to this, experts were able to determine the origin of star clusters that contain a minimum amount of heavy elements. The results will be used to obtain more information about the formation, as well as the lifetime of the Milky Way.

Globular clusters are considered the most mysterious objects in the Universe. Such systems include about 100 thousand stars.

The globular constellations are huge and their age reaches almost the age of the Universe. Such clusters revolve around almost all galaxies. Some of them include more than a billion stars. The spheroidal distribution suggests that when these constellations were formed in smaller galaxies, they revolved around the central galaxy, and then were separated by its gravitational forces.

The study was published by experts in the scientific journal Nature.

Astrophysicists began to use globular clusters to carry out the separation process, resulting in huge galaxies. It is worth noting that globular clusters could also have been destroyed by the gravitational forces of the host galaxy.

In globular clusters, special attention was paid to the chemical composition of stars. It is this property that connects these clusters with natal galaxies. All stars were formed in the same cloud and have a similar chemical composition. They contain the same amount of iron, which in turn indicates the iron content of the galaxy itself.

Scientists conducted a study of the metal content in 11 stars that entered the Phoenix Stream. This globular cluster revolves around the center of the Galaxy. As it turned out, these stars contain minimal amounts of metal, especially when compared to the Sun. The rates are even lower than those of dwarf galaxies, so we can say that the Phoenix stream is not the remnant of a small galaxy.


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