Thai villagers start worshiping six-legged frog

(ORDO NEWS) — So far, there is no information about whether the amphibian helped someone to achieve success, but those who believe in this do not give up.

Residents of a small village located in the northeastern part of Thailand, in Surin province, have discovered a very unusual patroness, whom they all now worship.

On July 17, one of the villagers of One Conaban found a very strange amphibian in a well that belongs to his family. The frog he discovered, due to an incomprehensible mutation, has grown on its front legs four ends instead of the usual two.

The rumor of such a find spread immediately throughout the village. Residents come in droves to the frog to bow to it, and also bring incense and flowers, make a cherished wish, or simply ask for good luck in some business.

If you believe the numerous rumors, then most often patron frogs bring good luck while gambling and the lottery. So far, there is no information whether the six-legged amphibian has helped to break a decent jackpot for someone, but those who want to get a prize do not give up.


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