The mysterious disappearance of Anni Lattu: meeting with aliens in Yurinvaar

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(ORDO NEWS) — In January 1917, the small village of Yurinvaare, located in North Karelia, witnessed an amazing incident. At that time, no one had heard of flying saucers, but it was at this time that one local woman, Annie Lattu, was abducted by aliens.

This case remained little-known and did not receive wide coverage, but its details, told by the abducted woman herself, leave many questions and arouse interest among researchers.

Anni Lattu was an ordinary resident of Yurinvaare, who lived in her modest house away from the bustle. At the end of January 1917, she disappeared for several days and her neighbors believed that she had gone to visit her daughter. However, when Annie returned, she told an amazing story that shocked the entire village.

According to Annie, a huge machine that resembled a large washbasin descended from the sky near her house. From this machine came a ladder, along which small creatures descended.

The woman resisted, but was forcibly captured and taken away aboard this mysterious vehicle. It was warm and cozy inside, and the chairs were very soft and comfortable. Annie noted that there was no noise inside, and it created a feeling of comfort that was completely different from conventional vehicles.

During her journey, Annie Lattu witnessed many incredible phenomena and miracles. She claimed that she was lifted above the ground and even flew between the stars. Amazingly, she could understand the language of these small creatures, although she herself did not communicate with them. One of them spoke to her directly in her head.

Upon returning to the village, Annie often told her story, but many believed that she was simply hallucinating due to a fever or that she had dreamed the whole thing. However, Annie herself insisted that what happened was reality and not a dream. Her house was cold, but that didn’t explain her vivid memories.

This mysterious incident was mentioned in the local newspaper Kurki Jokelainen, which published the memories of the residents of the village of Kurkijoki before and during the war. In one of the articles written by Latomäen Aino, the story of Annie Lattu was mentioned.

This caught the attention of researcher Maurits Hietamäki from Research Finland, who decided to interview the woman, who was a child at the time and lived next to Anni Lattu.

It turned out that Annie Lattu was a lonely woman who always lived alone, although she was considered a widow. Her husband, Juho, lived separately and died 11 years after her. Annie often remembered what happened and told her neighbors and fellow villagers about it. This confirms the seriousness of her words and raises further questions about the nature of this mysterious incident.

Thus, Anni Lattu’s story about being abducted by aliens in Yurinvaar remains a mystery to this day. Her stories are of interest to researchers and naturalists who are trying to unravel the mystery of UFOs and contacts with alien civilizations.


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