The most popular genres of music to listen to online

(ORDO NEWS) — Today, almost everyone brightens up the waiting and travel time by listening to playlists with their favorite performers. Music is incredibly accessible, and even smartphones complete with decent headphones provide high-quality sound. The Internet allows you to listen to millions of different songs and compositions. Everyone can easily find the right music, but it is important to navigate in popular directions, to know the most interesting tracks.

Music genres in trend

Everything here is very unstable and changeable. Every month the charts explode with tracks of completely different directions. But since preferences and styles are highly individual, it is recommended to first listen to music online of different genres. The portal will offer hits and novelties in all directions absolutely free of charge, online. Compositions from rap and jazz to Persian nasheeds are available. There is a convenient catalog, sorted by popularity, and the interface is adapted for mobile devices.

Among the main musical genres, the top popularity is as follows:

– Pop. Over 25% of people prefer songs in this direction.

– Rock . It is listened to by about 19% of the population. However, in recent years, hard rock has experienced a crisis and is losing fans.

– Hop-hop and rap, despite the change of generations, the departure of the legends of this genre is still on a solid 3rd place with 16% of the audience.

– Electronic and house music share the fourth line of the charts, with a significant lag. Both styles are preferred by about 12% of the audience.

– Author’s compositions not related to a certain direction are retained by 9% of listeners.

The rest of the genres lag significantly behind and have rather negative dynamics of popularity. For example, opera and classics have lost half of their fans in a few years, falling from 8% to 4% in the ranking. Blues and metal remain niche products with 2% popularity. Most young people are not interested in them.

Best music with great sound

It is important to listen to well-recorded songs and melodies. Only they fully convey the message, atmosphere and mood. Headphones and the portal itself, where the music comes from, play a key role. It is better to spend a little time, but find a resource with really high-quality recordings, a large selection of artists and genres.

Despite the popularity of pop, rock and hip-hop, you don’t always have to go with the trend. Music can shape the emotions and mood of the listener. In some life periods, it is recommended to give preference to classical, blues, R&B or jazz. This applies not only to personal listening, but also to friendly gatherings, parties. A good selection of music can make an event memorable.


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