The guy was speechless when he saw a man in the house who died a few days ago

(ORDO NEWS) — After the death of their elderly relative, the family decided to sell the house. However, apparently, the owner is clearly against: in the pictures taken by the realtor, you can see a strange silhouette in the window. Everyone is sure that there is the spirit of the deceased in the cottage.

Aussie Tyler Thornton faced a weirdness that makes the blood run cold in his veins. He sent a request to a real estate agency to sell the house. One of the stages of work is preparing photos. It was the pictures that became the reason for the heated discussion of history by users from around the world.

The guy was speechless when he saw a man in the house who died a few days ago 2

Tyler’s mother was the first to get the pictures. Everyone was sure that no one could enter the territory of the house. Then a logical question arises: who then captured the camera?

The first photo was taken by the realtor from afar, but the second is close enough to see something strange in the window. The male figure came close to the glass.

The Thornton family makes the worst possible speculations. The facts indicate that the camera could not catch the reflection or fix, for example, the deformation of the glass. Many believe in the mystical overtones of what happened. A figure of a young version of the deceased could have appeared in the photo.


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