Scientists restored the appearance of a woman who lived 3,700 years ago

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts managed to restore the appearance of a woman who lived 3,700 years ago in the territory of modern Peru. The completion of the work was made possible by the use of innovative technology.

The tomb with the remains was discovered by archaeologists back in 2016. The restored bust is today in the Andres del Castillo Museum in Lima. The face was long, with prominent nose and cheekbones, small eyes and a narrow mouth.

During the analysis, it was found that the age of the girl was 20-25 years old, her height was 1.5 meters. It was not possible to find out the cause of death. The only thing is that bone tissue was damaged on one forearm. The girl could have a high status in society, since she was buried near the main temple of El Paraiso.

Scientists note that the exterior was restored with the highest quality, but some details may not match. For example, it is impossible to know the exact length of the nose and the shape of the ears.

To create the bust, clay and plaster were used, and the master covered these materials with fiberglass at the end. Experts are sure that they were able to convey the girl’s appearance by 95%.


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