The conjunction of Uranus and Mars: an astrologer warned of danger

(ORDO NEWS) — According to astrologer Sergei Bezborodko, the conjunction of the two planets, which will take place at the end of this week, will have a negative impact on people’s lives. The specialist told what troubles should be expected.

According to disappointing conclusions, Uranus and Mars will worsen the state of affairs in the love and financial spheres. The body connection is expected on January 22nd.

To protect yourself from some of the troubles, the astrologer advised to cancel or reschedule flights (Mars provokes interference, changes in schedules, etc.). Uranium is responsible for piercing and cutting objects, so be careful with injections and various medical procedures.

Planets can provoke people to rally. In addition, the divorce rate may rise. People should analyze what is happening and restrain themselves, pondering each action. Libra risks becoming the instigators of conflicts. Also not a good prognosis for Virgos. Self-control is the best thing to help you deal with troubles.


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