Scroll of the “Book of the Dead”, about four meters long, was discovered in Egypt

(ORDO NEWS) — In Egypt, some time ago, in one of the graves of the Sakkara necropolis, a scroll of the “Book of the Dead” was found. Its length reaches almost 4 meters, reports Live Science.

At the same time, archaeologists managed to find a burial temple that belongs to Queen Nearit. Various offerings for the queen of Egypt were kept in the same temple.

In one of the mines, experts found 50 wooden coffins and a variety of objects. But most of all, the attention was drawn to an ancient scroll, which is about 4 meters long. It contains chapter 17 from the Book of the Dead, a special manuscript that was created by the ancient Egyptians as a guide to the afterlife.

On the papyrus, scientists discovered the name Puhaf. It is present on a wooden coffin and on four other statuettes.

Today, experts are conducting a thorough analysis of the papyrus. They believe that with its help it will be possible to get a lot of answers to questions about how the ancient Egyptians imagined the afterlife.

It is worth noting that archaeologists have found a stele that belonged to a certain Khaptah. At the moment, they cannot say who exactly this person served, but they assume that it could have been Pharaoh Ramses II.


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