The camera in the pastor’s house recorded a strange flying object

(ORDO NEWS) — While the pastor was sleeping, motion detectors worked in his house. When he watched the CCTV footage, he could not believe what he saw. Something strange was flying in his living room.

Pastor Monzell Ford, who works as a police chaplain, said that he had to face something paranormal in his home. He was asleep when a camera with a motion sensor gave a signal that someone was in the living room in the house.

The pastor, using a special application on his phone, started watching the video. He was shocked by what he saw and could not believe what was happening. An incomprehensible image hovered right in the pastor’s living room. He added that there was no one else in the house, so it’s definitely not a flashlight or headlights.

Initially, a version appeared that it could be a small particle of dust that attached to the camera, but the object actually turned out to be too large, so the version was not confirmed.

After that, the pastor decided to go down to the living room, but he did not turn off the application on the phone. He was shocked that he could not see anything in the room, although in the application itself, the strange object continued to float in the air. The chaplain added that the white sphere appeared and disappeared for several more hours, and then at some point it split into several different parts.

The man added that he had encountered many strange things before while working as a police chaplain, but none of the situations scared him as much as what happened in his own home. The pastor added that he is not afraid of physical objects, but in this case the ball disappeared and reappeared, so he cannot even imagine what it really is and how it would be possible to cope with this object.


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